Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
(Hebrews 12:1)
These days, as the Chinese Government prevents children from worshiping in church,
Christians are recognizing the importance of preparing their children for persecution.
As one body in Christ together with them, let's support their work of discipleship
and commit to preparing our children for bold witnessing and opposition as well.
November 11, 2019
From the Foleys

Today’s Most Effective North Korean Missionary: A 19th Century Scot

Here's a piece I wrote with Release International's Scotland Area Representative James Fraser following Dr. Foley's and my recent visit.
Every year, hundreds of South Korean and Chinese tourists flock to Scotland. They come for the customary reasons: to see the beauty, the history, and the castles of this blessed land.

But a steady stream of South Korean and Chinese Christians also come annually on a more unique pilgrimage. They come to pay their respects to the 19 th Century Scottish missionary John Ross, whom they consider to be one of the fathers of Christianity in their respective countries.

Ross was born in the small north Scotland town of Nigg. He was the minister of a church on Skye before being called to Northeast China in 1872 by the Scottish Union Presbyterian Mission. While serving as a pioneering missionary there, Ross was intrigued by the “hermit kingdom” of Korea, completely closed to foreigners but accessible to trade through the so-called “Corean Gate”. In the midst of vigorous daily engagement with skeptical , interested, and sometimes hostile Chinese residents, Ross also learned Korean from unsuccessful Korean traders. He evangelized these traders by enlisting their help in the creation of the first ever Korean translation of the New Testament, in 1887. A burgeoning “Three-Self” (government registered) church located in Shenyang, China remains the most visible fruit of his considerable efforts in China, the country to which he was officially sent.

After a quiet and uneventful return from China in 1910, he served as a church elder in Edinburgh until passing away in 1915. It is to this church and nearby cemetery that Chinese and South Korean pilgrims are drawn, many dropping in to pray, take photos, and shed moving tears of genuine thanksgiving. John Ross may be remembered (or, more likely, completely forgotten) in his own country as just another 19 th century Scottish missionary, but this father of the churches of Korean and Northeast China won’t soon be forgotten by the descendants of those to whom he was sent ...

To read the rest of Pastor Foley's update on our blog, click here.
The Chinese government is legally preventing children in China
from attending religious services. Be a part of the movement to 
provide a "Sunday School in a Box" to Chinese children so that their
parents might have the materials necessary to disciple them in the home!
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Ebrahim Firouzi is released!
...into a two year exile.
NK Links
View Sang Chul together with your congregation or small group and pray for persecuted Christians together!
Doers of the Word
Since ancient times, Coptic Christians have been taught to regard themselves as witnesses of Christ and to be ready to lay down their lives for Christ.

We invited Middle Eastern religion expert Dr. David Pinault to come help us learn more about the matter-of-fact martyrs, our brothers and sisters, the Copts.

Click here to view the video.
Pastor Tim's Prayer Points
  • Praise – We praise the Lord for our recent release of the Korean translation of Martin Mosebach’s book The 21, in Korea, from VOMK Publishing. The book tells the story of the 21 Coptic Christians who were martyred in Libya in 2015. More information can be found at (Webpage in Korean)

  • Please pray for our new North Korean Underground Technology (personal and family discipleship training) students this quarter. We have more than 25 new students enrolled in UT! Many of them were involved in a cult church in South Korea. They were not only exposed to bad teaching, but also to a leader who was accused of sexual harassment and sentenced to more than 15 years in prison. Many NK defectors go to cult churches simply because they are given money to attend church. Due to the imprisonment of the leader, the church had drastically cut back on the financial support given to North Koreans. Thus, many NKs left the cult. Please, pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as we disciple these North Koreans and help them to find good Bible believing churches.

  • Discipleship is at the core of what VOMK does in its ministry with North Koreans, Chinese and Christians around the world. At almost any time during the year, VOMK workers are teaching and discipling Christians in methods that we’ve learned from Christians in persecuted settings. These trainings take place in South Korea and around the world. Please pray for our VOMK team members who are traveling all over the world to do these discipleship classes and pray for the students who often take great risk to attend these classes.

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