"Only real Republicans, not RINOS, can turn Hawaii around"
Op-Ed by HIRA President Eric Ryan 


A recent news cycle was rife with word of the ouster of Mililani politician Beth Fukumoto as the minority leader of elected Republicans in the state House. In an era of fake news, few stories have been as poorly chronicled by our news media.

Fukumoto has been threatening to switch parties for over two years, long before Donald Trump ever ran for office. But you don't see that reported. She votes in favor of liberal Democrat solutions far more often than voting sensibly. But you don't see that reported.

What you do get from Hawaii's mainstream media is that her one and only problem with being a Republican is related to the nomination and election of Donald Trump. This bogus, opportunistic spin is pure nonsense.

But wait, shouldn't the Republican Party of Hawaii be a really "big tent" which has room for those who support and vote for liberal policies?

Shouldn't the GOP be a place where ideological Democrat politicians can run for office under the Republican label in more conservative suburban communities like Mililani, Ewa Beach, Kailua, and Hawaii Kai? Don't Republicans even want more Republicans in office?

Answering this last question really answer them all. Fukumoto's liberal voting record since 2012 would be as if Democrats were still running Hawaii. There'd be no difference at all.

Worse, all the terrible statistics measuring our quality of life would continue getting worse. Currently, half of Hawaii residents struggle paycheck to paycheck. People are having to move to the mainland to make ends meet. Homelessness is worse here than anywhere in the country. The cost of living is out of control. Overtaxation is rampant. Infrastructure is crumbling. Schools are substandard. Our economy is mostly low-paying service jobs. We are drowning in government bureaucrat pensions and perks. And so on.

Failed Democrat policies have lowered the quality of life in Hawaii. Voting like a Democrat drives Hawaii deeper into trouble by enacting more dubious Democrat programs while refusing to repeal failed policies.

Simply having "more Republicans in office" in Hawaii is completely pointless when these are Republicans in name only, or RINOs. Also pointless is an illusory "big tent," which is merely a carbon copy of the Democrat tent and its failed policies.

On the other hand, electing real Republicans who offer voters a choice rather than an echo would benefit Hawaii.

It will take an assertive Republican Party in the islands that works 24/7/365 to pave the way for the election of reform-minded GOP candidates and enactment of reform-minded policies. Without that dynamic, there is no point in pretending a genuine two-party system of checks and balances is right around the corner. It won't even happen in our lifetime.

Real Republicans - frequently maligned by the news media as "radical right-wing zealots" - know that RINOs only serve the purpose of destroying the GOP from the inside while propping up Hawaii's Democrat machine and preventing long-needed repeal of failed Democrat policies.

Eric Ryan is president of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA).



At 8pm this evening, be sure to watch PBS Hawaii's topical weekly program Insights.  The topic?    "Why does our local Republican Party seem to be disappearing?"  Whew, that is quite a timely subject!!

According to RINO Beth Fukumoto, she was asked to be a guest by PBS.  But, alas, she will NOT be appearing after all so she can explain why the Hawaii GOP is down in the dumps.  Instead, this heavy subject will be tackled by former state senators Sam Slom and Fred Hemmings.  Also, RINO l eaders of our state party have reportedly refused to participate in tonight's program, since they are probably still in hiding after the miserable 2016 General Election which left Hawaii with even fewer elected Republicans in office (after predicting there would be MORE Republicans elected).

You'd think that Miriam Hellreich and Fritz Rohlfing would have all the time in the world to appear on tonight's live episode of Insights  since they are doing absolutely nothing to organize opposition to the current push by Democrats (and RINO's) at the Hawaii State Legislature in support of many crazy, harmful policy proposals.  Just one of these is  to increase our cost of living in Hawaii through many proposed tax hikes.

With  Hawaii GOP's officers in hiding and completely silent, this makes it easier for RINO's like Bob McDermott, Lauren Cheape and Beth Fukumoto to vote last week in lockstep with Democrats in favor of increasing the General Excise Tax for another 40 years.  Kirk Caldwell and the Democrat Rail Cartel really appreciate their support for the additional $800 per year that every Oahu family of four will have to hand over to our State government and to Charles Djou's HART agency so that hardworking families can struggle even harder to keep a roof over their heads . . .  not counting all the other tax increases being worked on at the State Capitol.

Here's the teaser trailer for tonight's episode of Insights . . .



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