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Lenten Hymn Festival
Sunday Worship Times
8:15, 9:30 & 11:00am
Altar flowers this Sunday are given by
Dan & Mary Kelly
in memory of their son,
Nicolas Patrick Kelly
Pastor Ed
There are a lot of things in this world to worry about—so many things that can go wrong in life. With all the terrible possibilities it’s easy to get carried away with worry. The many bad things that can happen to us are not only possible, but some of them likely. So, it’s not hard to be afraid.
In moments of anxiety, fear, and worry, the thing that robs me of peace is usually some unknown imagined possibility. When I am in that place, it’s hard to keep my mind focused on the “now” and taking care of what is in front of me. But really, doing what’s in front of you is all anyone can ever do. Worry about what might or might not happen will do no good at all.
Whenever I am faced with feelings of impending doom or dread—and they come along regularly—I try to bring everything back to the moment. I take stock of the moment. Do I have all that I need right now? I have a place to live. I have food. I have family and friends. Am I okay this very moment? The answer to that question is almost always “yes.”
I find some clarity and calm by repeating to myself these words of Jesus: “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” As I repeat this verse, my thoughts slow and my worries lessen. These verses remind me to place my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and find rest in His words. I hope they will comfort you as well and teach you how to live.
“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” --Matthew 6:34.
-By Rob Reid, TLC Music Director
What IS a hymn festival, and why do we have them? I am glad you asked! This coming Sunday at the 8:15 and 9:30 services, our worship will be centered around hymns for the Season of Lent, which is a time of preparation, leading our hearts and spirits toward the Resurrection of Christ, which we celebrate on Easter. This week’s Hymn Fest will present several hymns, some of which we know, using beautiful and inventive new arrangements for choir and woodwinds, and other hymns which we will sing for a first time, to help us gain a new perspective on our place in the unfolding story of our Journey through Lent. Singing hymns often enhances our understanding of the messages we get through the Biblical scriptures and the poetry of the hymn writers. Do come, sing, listen, and feel the presence of the Spirit as we join together as God’s people.
These Woodwinds have been busy during the Lenten Season this winter. As their schedules allowed, they have played at the Wednesday Night Holden Evening Prayer Services and/or have rehearsed for the Lenten Hymn Fest this Sunday. We are grateful to them for sharing their musical gifts in TLC’s Ministry of Music.
The Chancel Choir will join with the Woodwinds in the Lenten Hymn Fest, helping people get deeper in touch with their Lenten walk.
Read it again!
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Laurel Meester (formerly Laurel Midthun) will be ordained at Transfiguration Lutheran Church on March 30, 2019 at 10:00am.

Everyone is invited!

A note from Laurel:
By the grace of God I have completed Seminary, Candidacy and received a call to serve in Dows, Iowa. I would not have been able to do so without the support of TLC! I would like to extend an invitation to all of you to attend my ordination and the luncheon afterwards! Thank you for all of your support, guidance and love!
-Laurel Meester  
Laurel Meester's Ordination Service will be live-streamed starting shortly before 10:00am Saturday, March 30.
Click Here to watch on our YouTube channel.
Sunday ~ March 31 ~ Noon to 2:00pm
TLC Sanctuary
Pastoral Leadership Proposal Meeting
The TLC Church Council and Pastoral Leadership Team sincerely request your attendance this Sunday, March 31 from 12:00-2:00pm in the Sanctuary. A presentation will provide details on the Co-Pastor Proposal that was first presented at the Annual Meeting on January 27, 2019. The presentation will be live-streamed. 
Please take some time prior to Sunday to review the updated co-pastor proposal which you can read here . Hardcopies of the document are available in the TLC church office for pick up today (Friday, 3-29-19) from 9:00am to 3:00pm. If you wish to bring a copy with you to the meeting we ask that you print one from the downloaded pdf.
Pages 1-10 contain the proposal itself. Pages 11-35 contain Church Council responses to questions received from the congregation during the February listening sessions.
Childcare will be provided. Light refreshments provided by the church council will be available beginning at 11:30am.
Please make every effort to attend this important meeting in the life of our church. If for some reason you cannot attend, please plan to watch the live-stream at . It will also be archived for later on-demand viewing.
Please come ready to participate and share your perspective. There will be time for Q&A and comments following the presentation. The Council, pastors and leadership want and need to hear from you!
Please keep this process and the congregation in your prayers.
TLC Church Council and Pastoral Leadership Team

[Click Here] for the Pastoral Leadership Proposal pdf

Pastoral Leadership Team
  • John Lindell, Chair
  • Beth Mercer
  • Pastor Ed Treat
  • Pastor Arthur Murray
  • Jeanine Brown, Project Lead
  • Dave Burton

TLC Council
  • Evan Collins, President
  • Jerry Olson, Treasurer
  • Carol Hill, Secretary
  • Allison Lindman
  • Gretchen Schroeder
  • Laurel Riippa
  • Patti Weichselbaum
  • Sandy Stooke
  • Zac Schnedler
Red squirrels are often quite naughty!
A snow shovel is always on standby in Minnesota.
The red-breasted nuthatch.
Mourning doves pay a visit
A wary pileated woodpecker
Don't you love these sunny days? We have a sweet chipmunk who has been sitting on the remaining snow pile (which refuses to get much smaller, being on the north side of the house.) Also, I took some shelled peanuts out to put on the deck railing, and the squirrels scarfing down something they don't even have to shell, gave us our own little circus. There are certainly enough of them, coming from way off across back yards and different blocks. Fun to see the hybrid ones....must be part red squirrel, as their tails are kind of orange-looking. Red squirrels are often quite naughty!

I am wondering if you put your winter boots and snow shovel away....hmmm? Big mistake that happens each year when someone decides it's time for spring, and puts these away too soon. Weird that it almost always snows again when someone gets too excited about spring. I have been guilty of this many times, and take full responsibility. Right now Birdman's boots are still handy, and the snow shovel and snow blower are too.

If you like noticing the various birds coming to your feeders lately, watch for a red-breasted nuthatch. They are so small, shaped like a regular nuthatch, but with a rosy breast. Also, the red-winged black birds are back...a sure sign of spring. Two mourning doves love to lie in the octagonal feeder and stay for long periods---such peaceful-looking birds. Must be fun for them cuddled up and eating as they lie there.

Being close to Nine Mile Creek and the Minnesota River, we get quite a few of the not so wonderful birds too. Cowbirds...brownish colored, non-descript, and flocks of starlings will show up soon. I keep looking for a robin now that there is bare ground for them to hop around and search for worms. So far, no luck! Even on my half-hour walk I can hear them somewhere, but never see them. At least the cardinals are still coming at dusk to feed. We have had over 20 at a time, and the pileated woodpecker shows up, but is very wary, and takes off if we even move while looking out the window.

Did you see the full moon a few nights ago? There's always something beautiful to see, so slow down, get out and walk if you can, and enjoy nature at its best.....God's wonderful creation!

-Bloomington Bird Lady
New Spring Arrangements at the West Entrance of TLC
-By Karen Daniels, TLC Organist
Spring has finally arrived! We are all eager for spring planting and flowers. We need signs of hope and promise that the long Minnesota Winter is over and warmer weather with new life will soon be here.

However, because we live in Zone 4 of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones, it is still too early to plant flowers outside. At the same time, the outside church pots need to take on a new look … out with Christmas/Winter; in with Spring!

As you enter the main entrance of the church, you will now see the pots filled with weather appropriate stems that can endure the season’s possible cool temps, rain, and wind.
Included are: the white birch sticks we use all year round; red dogwood and curly willow branches from living trees and shrubs; and live pussy willows. Yellow artificial silk Forsythia and white berry stems have been added for color. IF … warmer weather continues in the next couple weeks, live pansies may be added for Easter. May these pots help fill your spring with hope and promise!
The new TLC Weekly (formerly “Transmissions”) is seeking adult and youth columnists or bloggers, from Club 56’ers to adults. Write one story, several, or create a weekly column like the Bird Lady did a few months ago.

Can you express your feelings in written words? Can you “talk” to a group of readers through written words? How about describing an event or service at TLC, school, home or any situation that relates to you or your friends. Is there something in the community or world you’d like to change or grow? Have an idea? Put it in words.
That’s what TLC Weekly would like to highlight in its newsletter emailed every Friday. Over 700 subscribers may have the good fortune to “read” your work.

There’s room for more than one writer. This isn’t a competition.

Submit your *story (*photos also welcome) to:

*Subject to editor approval
Connie Rae Barnes
September 9, 1952 ~ March 24, 2019
Prayers requested for husband, Butch Barnes; children, Brandie Barnes & Austin Barnes; family and friends, upon the death of Connie Barnes, who passed away Sunday, March 24, at Fairview Southdale Hospital after a long, courageous battle with cancer. Connie was an active member of TLC, thoroughly enjoying her time with the knitting circle.
 ~ ~ ~
A Celebration of Life service will be held at
Transfiguration Lutheran Church on
Monday, April 1, at 11:00am,
with visitation one hour prior and luncheon following.
All are welcome.
Mark your calendars for your pre-purchased spring flowers to arrive at TLC-ELC on May 16th. This year we are partnering with Pahl’s Market located in Apple Valley. [Click Here] to visit Pahl's website. We have researched many garden centers in the metro, and have chosen Pahl’s because of their quality, variety, and service. An added plus is that many of the children at the ELC have attended field trips to Pahl’s in the past!
Order forms will be distributed this week (week of March 24). Working with a different nursery necessitates changes, some things you may note are:
• Some plants have more variety or different color choices
• There are some new plants (including perennials)
• Prices will increase for certain items
• Sizes of many of the plants are larger
• Quantities will be different (we can no longer order half flats but we can order annuals in single packs)
• We can buy Pahl’s gift certificates (not for purchasing the flowers, but for future purchases)
We will have staff available at the beginning of our sale to help explain the changes, so you will be able to pass on this information to your family and friends. We hope you will understand we are doing our best to have this fundraiser match the success we have had in the past. We appreciate your support in this, our longest lasting, most successful fundraiser.

Order forms will be available in the Narthex:
Sunday, March 31
Sunday, April 7
Wednesday, April 3
Wednesday, April 10

Deadline to turn in order forms:
Friday, April 12

Flower delivery day:
Thursday, May 16
From the editor: Apologies to those that have given up sweets for Lent
By Mrs. Don Mattson
1/4 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1&1/2 tsps grated lemon rind
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 egg yolks, beaten
1 cup milk
2 egg whites stiffly beaten

Stir together flour, sugar and salt.
Mix together lemon rind, juice, egg yolks and milk and add to dry ingredients.
Add egg whites to mixture and stir carefully so whites don't break down.
Pour into 1&1/2 quart casserole and set in pan filled with 1-inch hot water.
Bake at 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes.
Serve warm or cold (it forms a cake on top and thick lemon sauce on the bottom).
Last chance to order is next Sunday, April 7
Help celebrate the joy of Easter Sunday by adding a plant to our Easter Garden. Plants are provided by Bachman’s. Order forms are in the Narthex. The order deadline is Sunday, April 7. Flowers may be taken home following the 11:00am Easter Sunday service. Thank you!
For adults, youth and children. Test your knowledge of the Bible in each issue of TLC Weekly.
Answers can be found on the last section of this issue.
Part 2

1) What was found inside the tomb of Jesus? (John 20:6-7)
  1. A growing lily
  2. A vase full of water
  3. Jesus' burial clothes
  4. A sparrow

2) Whom did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was when she first saw him after he had risen? (John 20:15)
  1. The Gardener
  2. A Shepherd
  3. Pontius Pilate
  4. One of the Twelve Apostles

3) Which of these things did Jesus NOT say to Mary? (John 20:16-17)
  1. "Touch me not"
  2. "Mary"
  3. "Blessed art thou among women"
  4. "Go to my brethren"

4) Which of the Apostles doubted and did not believe that Jesus was risen? (John 20:24)
  1. Andrew
  2. John the Beloved
  3. Simon Peter
  4. Thomas

Answers in the last/bottom section of this issue.
Vacation Bible School
will be here before you know it.
Detailed information brochures with registration forms now available in the church Narthex. Online registration arriving soon on TLC's website.
Ushers Needed for Easter
Please sign up on the yellow Life @ TLC insert in the Sunday Bulletin.
April 3 & 10.
Noon – Lenten Worship and Communion
6:15pm – Holden Evening Prayer and Communion
~ ~ ~
Sunday, March 31 - Lenten Hymn Festival
8:15 & 9:30am - TLC Woodwinds and Chancel Choir
11:00am - Praise and Worship Team

Sunday, April 14 - Palm Sunday
8:15 & 9:30am - Chancel Choir
11:00am - Praise and Worship Team

Maundy Thursday, April 18
Noon - Worship and Communion
7:00pm - Chancel Choir and TLC Handbells

Good Friday, April 19
10:00am - Children's Worship and Activities
7:00pm - Tenebrae Service led by the Chancel Choir and Low Brass Choir

Easter Sunday, April 21
Celebration and Worship Services at
8:15, 9:30 and 11:00am
Featuring the
Chancel Choir, TLC Brass Choir and TLC Handbells

~ ~ ~
10:45am on Wednesdays in Lent – Sermon on the Mount study (immediately before the noon worship)
Fellowship Luncheons during Lent – after the Wednesday noon worship, join at least one of the TLC staff as we eat together at the following locations:

April 3 – Baker’s Square
April 10 – North Star Tavern

The TLC website has a new and easier online form to order Chancel/Altar Flowers for any Sunday in 2019 (Easter order is separate). [Click Here] to access the form now, or visit later and look for the "Purchase Altar Flowers" button at the bottom of any page.
Liberia, West Africa
Liberia Trip Info Sessions: Curious to know more about the Winter 2019 trip to Liberia, West Africa? Come to one of the following info sessions: Sunday, March 31, 10:30. Sunday, April 7, 10:30. All downstairs in the Adult Education Room. Trip leaves Dec 26, 2019. Students will return in time for school. Adults have the option to stay a few more days. Highlights will include a visit to our ministry partner, Philip Nushann and the Center for Changing Lives – Liberia. Youth will participate in the Liberian Lutheran National Youth Gathering. Open to current 7th graders through adults.
Contact Ben, or Pastor Arthur,
Will resume after Easter
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Treasures of Italy
Pastor Ed is leading an 11-day tour of Italy and Germany the summer of 2020. Sites include Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Salzburg, and Munich. The trip concludes in Oberammergau, Germany, to see the longest running theatrical production in the world--the Passion Play at Oberammergau. This is a rare opportunity to see an amazing and powerful spectacle.

For more information, pick up a brochure at the welcome desk or [Click Here] to visit the special page on TLC's website.

1) What was found inside the tomb of Jesus? (John 20:6-7)
Answer #3: Burial Clothes

2) Whom did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was when she first saw him after he had risen? (John 20:15)
Answer #1: Gardener

3) Which of these things did Jesus NOT say to Mary? (John 20:16-17)
Answer#3: "Blessed art thou among women"

4) Which of the Apostles doubted and did not believe that Jesus was risen? (John 20:24)
Answer #4: Thomas

Now available online.
[Click Here] to view.
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