March 9, 2023
Spring is in the air, and our campus is "buzzing" with activity! Our students are working diligently in the classroom while preparing for state literary, practicing on stage for an upcoming play, competing in athletics, and serving our community. Check out this week's news...
What a wonderful day to welcome grandparents, parents, and special friends to campus for our 33rd Grandparents’ Day! Special thanks to many who made today’s events such a special and fun time - Mrs. Anne Moore, Lower School principal; our Lower School faculty and enrichment teachers; our maintenance and facilities staff; our FLIK dining staff; and our senior class of 2023! #westfieldgpd2023
Summer at Westfield
Join us as our Upper School multimedia journalism students discuss some of the privileges of being a senior at Westfield, including one of the school's oldest senior traditions, the Westfield Senior Experience, known in the early years as the Vocational Interest Program or VIP Week. #seniors #classof2023 #westfieldtraditions #allthingswestfield
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The WFO Spirit Shop needs your help!
Kindergarten students have been learning about wind. Today, they learned how wind is important for flying airplanes. They designed and created their own paper airplanes and took them outside for test flights. They also tested the pinwheels they made this week on a beautiful breezy day. What a fun way to create art projects and learn about the power of wind! #handsonlearning #westfieldkindergarten #educationofmindandheart
Second graders in Mrs. Tonya Hair’s class are “scooting” around campus to answer questions about their reading assignment - a fun way to improve reading comprehension! #readingcomprehensionscoot #westfieldsecondgrade #interactivelearning #reading #educationofmindandheart
Students in Mrs. Tina Bowker’s Spanish IV class have been teaching a 20 minute segment of a Spanish I course to students in Mrs. Marissa Ellis’ classes. We love seeing our older students teaching and mentoring to younger students - especially in another language! #Westfieldforeignlanguage #peerteaching #educationofmindandheart
Environmental Science students in Mrs. Melissa Smith’s class made nature designs on cyanotype paper to examine the affects of UV radiation. They also tested different SPFs of sunscreen against the exposure of UV rays. #westfieldscience #educationofmindandheart
From the College Counseling Office:

Georgia Power is sponsoring the 21st Century Leaders summer leadership institute program for high school students. The deadline for applications is March 15, 2023 in your Friday newsletter EarthCare: The Leadership Challenge of the 21st Century will be hosted on the campus of Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, GA during the week of June 11 – 16, 2023.

Attention Seniors:

The Balvaunuca Club Scholarship is available in Dr. Morton’s office and due to Dr. Morton by 4/11.

The Seth Stapleton Scholarship is now available for those who participate on the clay target shooting team.

The Kiwanis Scholarship along with several others are also now available in Dr. Morton's office. Be sure to come by and pick up an application.

Attention sophomores: Perry Youth Leadership applications are available in Dr. Morton's office. Applications are due to Dr. Morton by 4/11. No applications will be accepted after this date.
Congratulations to junior Matty Hulbert who was selected as a 2023 Washington Youth Tour delegates by Flint Energies! Matty will travel with other high school juniors from all over the nation to Washington D.C. in June for a week long leadership experience. We are Westfield proud! #buildingleaders
Don't miss the Middle School's upcoming performance of The Ever After on Tuesday, March 14th at 6:30 pm in the Recital Hall.

This fun production takes place during a talk show with a host who invites traditional fairy tale characters who have been estranged for 20 years to reconcile on live television. From Snow White and the Evil Queen to Cinderella and her middle-aged Ugly Stepsisters, this TV show parody asks the question, ’Can’t we all just get along?’ The talk show is punctuated by questions from studio audience members and hilarious infomercials for fairy tale related products. Even Jiminy Cricket — now an occupational therapist and author of ’My Life as Your Conscience’ — makes a guest appearance to lend his professional opinion. Complete with a clairvoyant mirror, an unfortunate prince who is turning slowly back into a frog, and many other wacky fractured fairy tale bits, you will not want to miss this fun production!
Fifth grade students in Ms. Lea Fountain’s music class stepped outdoors this week to perform “Quadraboom,” a piece for graduated sizes of hand drums. This helps students learn Rondo form and syncopation. #handsonlearning #music #westfieldfifthgrade #educationofmindandheart
Students in Mrs. DJ Blalock's Upper School art class are creating their own versions of gemstones using different shapes, dimensions, and blended colors. #westfieldfinearts #educationofmindandheart
Congratulations to our varsity girls soccer team on two huge region wins! The Lady Hornets defeated St. Mary's in double OT with a winning goal by Millie Anne Goodroe and assist by Mariela Padilla! This week, the team earned a region win against Heritage. In overtime, Mariela crossed the ball across the goal, and Dannah Faulk finished it to score the winning goal for a final score of 4-3! #westfieldsoccer
GIAA All Star Basketball

We are excited to announce that we are hosting the GIAA All Star girls and boys basketball games this Saturday, March 10th! Three of our seniors will be playing - Caitlyn Gailey, Brody McDaniel, and Jud Olf. Games will be held at 12 noon, 1:30 pm, 3 pm, and 4:30 pm. Congratulations to Caitlyn, Brody, and Jud! #westfieldbasketball
March 11: GIAA All Star Basketball Games hosted at Westfield

March 14: WFO Meeting, 8:05 am, Recital Hall

March 14: Middle School Drama/Musical Production, 6:30 pm, Recital Hall

March 25: Junior/Senior Prom, Muse Theatre, 8 pm

April 3 - 7: Spring Break

April 10: School Holiday for Annual Fund Participation

April 11: Classes Resume

April 12: Spring Pictures by We Do Photography for Grades Pre-K - 5th

April 13: Spring Pictures by We Do Photography for Grades 6th - 11th

April 20: Field Day - School wide Noon Dismissal

April 20: Booster Club Golf Tournament

April 21: School Spring Holiday
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