February 23, 2023



Drawing by Dan Joy
To Keep Thy Lent… 
"How are you 'lenting' this year?" a social media friend wants to know. Her noun-for-verbing made me smile. Her question, though, is a serious one. One way in which Christians understand time is by parceling it out into liturgical seasons. And we live and move differently as these seasons progress. 

We often describe Lent (and sometimes Advent, though incorrectly) as a “penitential” season and construe its various recommended activities and disciplines as being all about denial, abstention or even punishment.

What’s at the theological center of the season, however, as well as at the heart of any “penitent” activity, is a sense of turning. The Greek New Testament word for this is μετάνοια or “metanoia." The idea is less one of “denial” than it is of “transformation.” 

“How are you lenting?” is really Christian shorthand, then, for “how are you growing?”

While growth sometimes asks us to “deny” some inclination (alcohol, for example) or to release some attachment (another friend donates or recycles a “bag of stuff” on each of the 40 days), more often it asks us to risk, or to take on something new. 

Since ancient times, the season for educating those who would be baptized at Easter, Lent is the best time of year to try out a new spiritual habit (such as praying the daily office, available online each day from the Mission of St. Claire HERE) or wading into one of the new small groups we will be gathering in the coming weeks. Greet a stranger every day and then pray for that person in the wake of whatever transpires. Send a note or an email to a different person each day, expressing gratitude --- for a recent or even a long-ago kindness. 

Fasting is probably the most common Lenten discipline, and Isaiah’s understanding of it (Chapter 58 HERE) – as a means or “breaking every yoke”, including those we bear ourselves is closest to the ancient understanding of metanoia. The prophet loathes showy acts of piety. He understands the point of religious life as liberation, love and shared justice. Private religious acts must somehow lead to a larger and more generous public life. 

So here at the Church of the Holy Spirit, we are lenting in part by praying and gathering more frequently each week, and you’ll find more details following here:

The “fast we are choosing” this year, though, has to do with a decision we hope you’ll make privately and in your own home: to release a habit or a pattern of consumption for this season, to assign a “cost savings” to the abstention, and then to contribute that amount with us on Easter Sunday to a common fund.

Our private fasting will become a public word and witness as the money we all contribute forms a single donation to Syrian earthquake relief, directed through the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem.  You can read more about that relief HERE and we will have envelopes available for your personal use available in church on the Sundays in Lent. 

How are you lenting this year?

Know that whatever you chose, you have my prayers for new life in this season we’re beginning. 

The Seven "Deadlies":
A Lenten Teaching and Conversation Series
Wednesday evenings 5:30 - 6:45 pm
(soup suppers included)
March 1, 8, 15 and 29, Parish Hall (None on 3/22)

The word "lent" is derived from the old English word for "growth" or lengthen" -- and essential to our own growth is deepening our understanding of what's blocking it!

Join us at any or all of this four-part weeknight series on traditional and contemporary understandings of the "Seven Deadly Sins" -- pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Our time together will be a mix of presentation and prompted conversation.

Holy Eucharist and Prayers for Healing
Thursdays at 11:00 am Church
March 2, 9,16,23, and 30

Join us for a simple service of weekday Holy Eucharist with a short meditation. Private prayers for healing available after the service concludes.
We would like to thank everyone who attended our recent Annual Parish Meeting on February 12, 2023, in person AND on Zoom! The atmosphere in the room that Sunday just vibrated with enthusiasm! We, your wardens, are so grateful for the support the Parish continues to show for us, the Vestry, and Patrick!

We settled right down to business the following Thursday as we welcomed Dianne Fromm, Jen Marlin, and Betty Suraci to their first hybrid Vestry meeting. A few of us Vestry members joined those assembled in the Fireplace Room via Zoom! After a short social half hour with delicious homemade cookies and soft drinks, Celia called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00. Brenda led the Meditation by sharing two poems by Li-Young Lee, "The Gift" and "From Blossoms".

Minutes from the January meeting were approved, and in addition, a vote taken by email in late January was accepted into the minutes. The Vestry had recently approved the donations from First Fruit sales as recommended by their leadership to Habitat for Humanity, The Family Pantry of Cape Cod, Homeless Prevention Council, and Lower Cape Outreach Council.

Chris Crighton reported that January had been a favorable month financially, especially given that some parishioners fund their pledges at the beginning of each quarter or the entire year and the revenue received from the Holiday Bazaar and the Antiques Show and Sale. All Vestry members were treated to a review of our Financial Building Blocks as is customary this time of year.

Your Vestry** will gather for a retreat during the weekend of March 3-4. Priscilla Isner will host the group on Friday evening for dinner and devotions. We will gather in the Parish Hall on Saturday to explore Invite Welcome Connect, a ministry designed to help Episcopalians engage in the deep work of evangelism. Patrick and our Convention delegates, Celia Calhoun and Cynthia Murray, were first introduced to this ministry and the book by the same title at the Convention in October. Since then, Celia, Cynthia, and Brenda have been attending Zoom meetings with parishioners from all over the Diocese to read and discuss this book. We look forward to learning how we all can embrace Invite Welcome Connect as one way to invite our neighbors to CHS and to increase our presence in the community.

Due to Vestry "retirements", the Outreach and Education ministries will be receiving new Vestry liaisons in the coming weeks. Liaisons who are continuing in their roles include Nancy Boccia (Administration), Ann Pike-Paris (Buildings and Grounds), Michelle Puzo (Hospitality), Priscilla Isner (Pastoral Care), John Harter (Worship), and Jack Sasso (Creative Arts). In addition to overseeing the various fundraisers, the officers also attend many of these committee meetings regularly. Liaisons attend meetings in their Affinity Groups and report back to the Vestry during the regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

Speaking of liaisons, Nancy Boccia, in her role as bazaar chair and a member of the communication and marketing strategy task force, presented a document which outlined all of the steps in order to produce a successful fundraiser. The basic premise behind this document and the work of the committee is that a new event manager could pick up this document and know who to contact, how and when to assemble the teams, and how to advertise using various media to produce a successful event. The document is still in draft stages, but the committee will be sharing it with the rummage sale event managers soon.

Finally, the Vestry also heard from John Harter, chairman of the Stewardship Committee this year. He reported that follow-up calls have been made to parishioners who pledged the last few years but from whom we hadn't heard this year. We received twelve new pledges for a total of 107 pledges. The average pledge increased 9 percent. Quarterly financial updates given by our Treasurer, Chris Crighton, are planned for 2023.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Blessings and Peace,
Brenda Ridgeway and Celia Calhoun

**Your Vestry and Staff members:

RECTOR Rev. Patrick C. Ward
WARDENS Celia Calhoun, Brenda Ridgeway
CLERK Priscilla Isner
TREASURER Chris Crighton

Nancy Boccia, Dianne Fromm, John Harter
Jen Marlin, Ann Pike-Paris, Michele Puzo
Jack Sasso, Betty Suraci

Office Assistant Debbi Manning
Space Use Manager Arline Consiglio
Minister Of Music Joan Kirchner
Property Supervisor Wayne Currey
In-person worship with music
Followed by Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall

Church School starts at 9:45 in the lower level of the Parish Hall.
Visitors are always welcome! Children join the service at the Peace.

If you are unable to join us and worship in person, click
HERE to watch the services live or watch later on our YouTube channel.
(Formerly Healing Service)
Lectio Divina is a monastic mode of prayer, contemplation and bible study
and all are welcome to experience this with us.
 10:00 a.m. via ZOOM
A Zoom Meeting invitation email is sent on Monday mornings.
It includes the links to the Zoom service and the Service Bulletin and Readings.
Thursday, March 2, 2023 at Noon
On the first Thursday of each month, women in the parish gather at lunchtime to break bread and share what's happening in their lives. It's a wonderful way to welcome women and a chance to see old friends and make new ones.

At our February meeting, despite sickness and travel and appointments that kept several of our stalwarts from attending, 17 of us celebrated Valentine's Day a bit early with chocolate and truffles and lemon bars! It was a good time!

Our next Ladies Luncheon is March 2nd. Please mark your calendar. 

Kate Paradise has offered to be the convener that day because Ike and I will be on a cruise to New Zealand and Australia. 

Other volunteers for the March meeting are: Ginny Lucil, paper goods; Arlene Barrett, potato chips; Joan Proctor, centerpieces; Dilys Smith, dessert; Suzy Gray, milk and juice.

Bring a friend or two, bring your own sandwiches, and join us just before 12:00 in the Parish Hall. We begin with a prayer at noon.

Fay Cole
A special Pastoral Care activity is delivering "thinking about you" small bouquets made from the Sunday Service altar flowers.

We need small/medium vases or Mason jars for delivering flowers. 
They can be left on the counter by the East side bathrooms in the church, or Priscilla Isner can pick them up. Thank you!

If you are in need of a pastoral visit, or you or a family member has been admitted to a medical facility (hospital, skilled care, etc.), or you want to request prayers for you or a family member, please call the church office at (508)-255-0433 or email pastoralcare@chsorleans.org.

There is also an Intercessors group that says confidential prayers. Please email your request to intercessors@chsorleans.org 
Next month we will include details about donation drop off dates and how you can volunteer to sort and price donations and work at the actual event. In the meantime, if you have questions, contact Marcia Bechtold.
QUESTION: Did someone fast-forward through winter?? I’m seeing signs of spring, are you? The many daffodils we moved are starting to pop up and I’m hopeful they won’t regret it!
The plant planning group is moving forward with the planting scheme and plant selection under the wonderful guidance of Susan Hitchcock and Meredith Perkins. And have you spotted the colorful little flags on the hillside? Those are a visual hint of what’s to come, but that area will likely be planted in a later phase.

Peter Jensen continues to guide us with his knowledge of all things terraces. Much like the overhaul of all the grounds was done over a period of 3 years, the planting will follow a similar pathway.

We all share a concern about safety as much of the terraced area surrounds our playground. Plans are under way to ensure children’s safety by planting the 3 sides around the playground first.
And see if you can spot the “research project” Peter is giving to us. Hint: look for dirt areas covered in burlap on the side far side of the parking lot. Any guesses? All will be revealed next month!
So, stay tuned. Much more will be coming as we move forward. And keep your eyes open for those first signs of spring, from entrance to exit!
Brian Ridgeway & Ann Pike-Paris
We have space left in our class, offered to us by the Orleans Fire Department. Date and time to be announced. We will cover “Hands only CPR”, review our AEDs, and review proper emergency first aid procedures. Contact Meg Nemitz, if interested.

Q: What is a good fitness goal, you wonder? 10,000 steps a day?
A: “Only if it inspires you to stay active,” according to the AARP. “Marketers chose that number to help sell a step counter - and it stuck. Experts use weekly exercise goals, not daily ones.”

Q: How many steps lead to longevity?

Please be sure and talk to your doctor before increasing your activity!

DEHYDRATION is a common and serious diagnosis for people seeking health care, with many sometimes surprising causes! The link below has some good information. https://www.multipure.com/purely-social/science/how-dehydration-affects-body/
Other Health Resources:
Barnstable County Human Services:  www.bchumanservices.net (Comprehensive website with multiple resources on the Cape)                 
Councils on Aging
Orleans: 508-255-6333 Brewster: 508-896-2737 Chatham: 508-945-5190 
Eastham: 508-255-6164 Harwich: 508-430-7530 Wellfleet: 508-349-0319 
Yarmouth: 508-398-9866Truro: 508-487-2462
VNAs of Cape Cod
Hyannis: 508-957-7400Falmouth: 508-495-5716 So. Dennis: 508-957-7400
Cape Cod Hospital Social Services Department 508-862-5501
Cape Cod Healthcare Newsletter: Go to this link:  https://www.capecodhealth.org/
         First page has a free sign up.
Massachusetts Behavioral Health Help Line
Call or text:  833-773-2445 (BHHL)  Online chat: masshelpline.com
You may have noticed that we have removed the "masks required" signs from our church doorways as that message no longer reflects the level of caution we understand to be necessary for common worship.

Nonetheless, as incidence of COVID and other respiratory illnesses increases with winter coming, we encourage all to stay current with available vaccinations for flu and COVID, to stay home and "stream" if you are not feeling well, and to keep a mask with you always.

We are all at varying levels of vulnerability. We invite you also to participate in Communion as you wish; the sacrament is understood as "complete" in one form only if both bread and wine are not for you.
The March CHS Gallery Artist is
Kimball Guild
The history of the Guild began some 90 years ago, when Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kimball started this church which soon grew to have a congregation of 75 parishioners.

The local member and artist, Vernon Smith, taught Florence Kimball how to create art on sheet aluminum. She and some women of the congregation began what became the Kimball Craft guild.

All these years later, women of the aluminum art are creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, platters and trays, and various pieces for the décor, with original hammering tools, dies and shaping molds.
Currently there are five women who enjoy creating the artistry of Kimball Guild:
Georgia Schneider, Susan Owens, Jane Affleck,
Donna Tavano, and Ellen Adamson.
You have one more week - one more Sunday to view CRIS HARTER’S beautiful
February show…her Nantucket baskets, Sailor Valentines, and handmade
greeting cards which are for sale.
The CHS Gallery is open Monday - Thursday 10 - 3 and Sundays after the church service. Bring a friend - sit on the sofas - feel the joy of the art on display.
Starting on March 5th, the Book Discussion Group will be meeting once a month after our Sunday worship service. Get your coffee and goodies and join us in the Fireplace Room around 11:30.

Starting on March 5th, The Book Discussion Group will be reading and discussing the first 7 chapters of God With Us: Encountering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, by Edward Sri, Emmaus Road Publishing, 2019, available from Barnes & Noble, and on Kindle. [We were not able to order it through the Brewster Bookstore.] 

We hope you will join us. If you cannot be there in person, please email Brooke Eaton-Skea, and she will send you the Zoom link.  Hope you join the group. 
The Free Shop has been very busy with grateful customers - those who are in need - those who are shopping for friends and families in need - those who are recycling their clothing - those from the Lower Cape community dropping off their in-season clothing donations.


A new schedule is being composed for March - December. You can sit and sort - you can stand and sort clothing - you can sit and greet customers - you can keep another volunteer company - you can give three hours of your time and work with other CHS men and women. It’s fun - it’s rewarding - freely you have received - freely give!

Contact Suzy or Sharyn or the CHS office.

The Free Shop continues to gratefully receive your WINTER donations. Drop off your donations in bins outside the Free Shop storage door - lower level of the Parish Hall - by the elevator. The shop has a new shoe rack for all your almost perfect shoes!

Open every Monday and Wednesday - 10 to 1

Suzy Gray (Recycler Supreme) & Sharyn Laughton - Co Directors 
Calling all CHS Artists
(and your artist friends)
who live in the Lower and Outer Cape

Please consider entering
Galley West's spring show
The Call for Art
entry period is
March 17 - April 17.
Visit our website to enter.

Gallery re-opens Wednesday, May 17
New gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 - 2:00
Opening reception on May 17 from 3:00 - 5:00

If you have questions about entering a show,
contact Sue Sasso or Sharyn Laughton.
An Invitation to Join Panel Discussion on Food Insecurity on Cape Cod

Organized by Fred DiMaggio, a regular F4K volunteer, “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Cape’s Food Insecurity Problem” is one of Snow Library’s Lifetime Learning offerings this spring.

Attend in person or tune in via Zoom: Tuesday, March 21 from 10:30 – noon. Registration is required.

Visit the Friends of Snow Library program registration website HERE or visit the library to sign up.

Food 4 Kids will be joining the panel to discuss the growing problem of food insecurity on Cape Cod, along with The Family Pantry of Cape Cod, Lower Cape Outreach Council, and Family Table collaborative.
For more news about F4K, read our full February newsletter HERE. The best way to keep up with all the F4K news is to join our email list HERE
and let us know that you would like to receive our newsletters.
For close to 40 years now, God has given us grace to shine a light in the darkness on Good Friday, by bringing your love, kindness, and generosity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, families with children who have profound illnesses, and other forms of suffering. 

It has been an arduous journey for us all since the onset of the pandemic in 2019. We have all been moving through “the valley of the shadow of death” in a very real sense for the past three years.   And now, with the onset of Lent, I submit that we all may be viewing the journey ahead in a more sobering light than in years past.
One hundred percent of free will donations go to support families on the Cape with special needs children. My fervent prayer is that you will join me again this year in fulfilling Jesus's legacy of love and service to those in need. Rich Weeks

WHEN: Good Friday April 7. REGISTRATION AT 8:30; WALK BEGINS AT 9:00
WHERE: Register at Bible Alliance Church in on Route 6A, Brewster .
From there, the walk will proceed into Nickerson State Park and progress along the Ober Trail. The walk is roughly 4 miles. For those who choose a shorter route, there is an alternate 2 mile route built into the Ober Trail.

Click HERE to read more about UP for Kids and last year's Good Friday walk.
Save the Date!   
"We Are the Men" Concert - Saturday, April 15 at 3 pm in our Parish Hall. 
Youth Outreach and Hospitality (YOH), an action team of the Nauset Interfaith Association will hold a benefit concert* featuring We Are the Men, an all-male vocal group that has been delighting audiences on the Cape, nationally and internationally since 2008. Reception to follow the concert. 

The group offers an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary songs - something for everyone! A free will offering is requested.

*All proceeds will benefit youth who are homeless or at risk on the Lower and Outer Cape. Please come and bring your friends!
This is a NEW FEATURE in Together - an opportunity for members to share a personal story, life celebration, a memorable photo, or a message for the parish you want to share? 

Email your items to Sue Sasso (or drop off handwritten messages or other items in Parish Office) to be included in a future edition. Please try to limit your message to 50 words.

Questions? Contact Sue Sasso
We have a birdhouse just outside our kitchen doors. Every May we watch chickadees rent it. We watch them bring things to build a nest, then watch them bring in food and leave with their chicks' poop! One year we got to watch the chicks fledge.

But I've always wondered what goes on inside the bird house. Click HERE to watch an amazing video from nest building to fledging young'uns. HAPPY SPRING. Sue Sasso
 Upcoming dates to give you time to send a note, card, or call.