Musana Newsletter November 2017
One year ago, we shared our broken hearts after losing two babies that died because of the complexity of the broken health care system that exists in Uganda. Kauthara and Promise did not have access to a simple blood transfusion that would have saved their lives. After this, we worked hard to put all the necessary things in place to have a health facility that could offer these services. A year later, Musana Community Health Center is licensed to give blood and we have become a referral center for patients that need transfusions across the region! Our services are saving lives daily!
This month, Ugandan government health facilities across the country are closed as public health workers are on strike, protesting low pay and poor working conditions. Government health facilities are the main source of health provision in Uganda; their closure is leaving Ugandans with a lack of medical care and people are dying daily! In the past couple of weeks, Musana Community Health Center has been flooding with emergency cases, pregnant mothers, and more that would have been treated at the main government hospital in Iganga. Our health team is daily scrambling to fit more patients into rooms, using any form of a bed (stretchers, exam tables, etc.) to accommodate the need. The need is so great that our high school lent the facility bunk beds that were squeezed into the conference room, the x-ray room, and offices, all of which currently have patients! Our small facility that averages 60 patients a day has been seeing 100 -150 patients daily and many of them are emergencies!
This time last year, we were asking YOU, our Musana family to help us expand the center with the addition of a 50 bed inpatient wing. Because of your response and your overwhelming amount of support towards the project, this year, the expansion has taken place and construction is almost finished! Today we are THANKFUL because in 2018, our expanded facility will have space to see more than 150 patients a day. We will not need to scramble or improvise for space. We will be able to do more for our patients! We will provide affordable, quality, and compassionate services to more men, women, children, and bring more precious babies into this world! This would not be possible without your help. Thank you for your generosity, thank you for your faith in us, thank you for giving us the means to save more lives!
Musana Community Health Center Expansion Coming April 2018!
Make a secure donation on our website. Your gift will help us finish building our new Nursery and Primary school in the village of Bukona. This school will provide education for an additional 800 children in the village.

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