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May the peace and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ be yours today and forever!

You've probably seen a lot of buzz on social media and other news outlets about Michelle Williams’ acceptance speech during the recent Golden Globes. Visibly pregnant, she lauded the necessity of "choice" to allow women to carve out the life of their dreams and fulfill their goals. She was applauded by a tearful room of actors and has since been held high as a champion of women's rights.

Everything about this scene broke my heart. It broke my heart for her. And it broke my heart for the millions of women who don't know who God created them to be. These confused women are making the "choice" to destroy the gift of life entrusted to them. In the wake of their choice lies a broken heart, a wounded soul, and death.

How can we change this? What will it take?

I'm still convinced here in this New Year of 2020 and in this new decade, that the answer can be found in our mission to transform the world one woman at a time.

The need for our mission grows more urgent by the day. And there are so many women we have not reached because we simply do not have the resources.

Daily, we see cataclysmic natural disasters happening around us. We watch as the culture pushes evil and satanism on our youngest of children. God seems to be speaking more loudly than ever but the world is deaf to His voice.
We must work together, more aggressively, to clear up the confusion – not only with the truth of who woman is, but also with regard to her authority and power, and her exalted position in the plan of God.

Why? Because a woman who knows who she is in God becomes an unstoppable force in the world. She transforms it. The gift of life both physical and spiritual is entrusted to her. She has the power to change things through the grace of God.

I want to thank you again for your financial and spiritual support of Living His Life Abundantly / Women of Grace in 2019. I am very grateful for your generosity and that you care so much about the vocation of woman and her impact on our culture and our world. But, I must ask again for your support in 2020.

As a not-for-profit organization, we depend on your donations to continue our mission. Though our end of the year campaign went well, we fell far short of our needed goal.

For this reason, I invite you to partner with us in this holy quest to transform the world one woman at a time by becoming a monthly  Mission Partner . The times we live in are desperate. Morally and culturally we have lost our compass. Together, we can break through the darkness and reveal the light of God .

While we would like for you to become a Mission Partner , we also welcome your one-time gift  to support our efforts for the New Year. All donations, big and small, are gratefully received. Rest assured they are put directly to work for our mission, now in its 33rd year. Our hope is that you will act immediately. We have no time to waste. The times we live in are dire indeed.
I wish you and your family a new year be blessed with God’s grace, health and happiness.

With gratitude and hope,
Johnnette Benkovic Williams
Founder and President
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