Empowering the Nonviolent Opposition to Unnecessary Guns in the Home 

Dear Friends,


Thank you for your interest in The ENOUGH Campaign!    

We are really inspired by all of you who have asked how you can help keep our communities safe from gun violence. In less than 48 hours following the mass shooting of 20 innocent children and six brave adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, a number of us local moms banded together to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.  We have just begun to tell our story and we need more people like you to help us tell it.  Here are some easy ways to help...


We promise that they are simple and will take under 5 minutes to do.

It's all about ...


Affecting change is easy with the Power of Five.  


All it takes is five people to send a powerful message concerning the importance of COMMON SENSE gun laws.  

  • Call your local representative along with four of your friends, on the same day, to send the message: ENOUGH is ENOUGH
  • Make an appointment to visit your representative in groups of five.  Tell them that ENOUGH is ENOUGH.    
  • Tell your representative that you have had ENOUGH of these 5 things: 
      1. ENOUGH easy access to military-style weapons.
      2. ENOUGH easy gun purchases.
      3. ENOUGH of the many loopholes in the gun laws.
      4. ENOUGH of illegal gun trafficking.
      5. ENOUGH restricted access to gun facts. 
To find your representative: http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml 

Grab 5 of your friends (OR MORE) and join the MARCH FOR CHANGE 

Rally in Hartford to Demand Safer Gun Laws. We will be there too!

Click here if you need transportation: 


Erin Combs
Mother of 2
Executive Director of The ENOUGH Campaign