To promote communication and access to essential information, we are developing a Greater New Haven COVID-19 resource website. The goal is to assist businesses and residents find the information they need in these difficult times. 

Wherever possible, we will be linking to the official website regarding a topic so the website visitor will have access to the most up-to-date information. 

We would like to offer a webpage to each of the towns to post information specifically for your town's businesses and residents. The minimum information we would need is:

Business Assistance Contact
Town website

You can also include any additional information you would like, such as hours of operation, additional contacts, public health announcements, executive orders, etc. 

You can send your information to Barbara Malmberg at We will notify you when the website has been launched. There is no requirement or deadline for the towns to sign up. We simply want to assist you in providing accurate information to our constituents.

Ginny Kozlowski