Friends and co-workers standing together 
April/May  2017

 Together We Stand  

Our Pin Program Continues to Grow

Indian Wells, CA.

The Reserve Club Security Team

Standing With You Pin  

Our Standing With You Pin Program continues to grow as more and more people are becoming aware of how important it is to stand with their friend, family member or fellow worker as they face a challenging time.

At The Reserve Club in Indian Wells, CA, a favorite member of the staff was diagnosed with cancer. His co-workers were all in shock and didn't know what to do. Thus in a spirit of unity, several generous members of the Club bought the Standing With You pins for all of the staff to wear. It is to show that they are standing with him as he goes through this difficult season in his life. 

Photos are taken collectively as well as individually and are being sent to assure their co-worker that he is not along but they are all pulling for him.

How wonderful to live in a place where there is such a spirit of love, compassion and support for another. 

Message from
               Sue McCollum

Our mission has always been two-fold and continues to be. Thus this month we continue to encourage the cancer warriors with our  Standing With You  pins as well as contribute to cancer research with our  Champions Skating for a Cure  event. Both are near and dear to our heart and we thank you for your support of both of these programs

Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
                               Until Next Time...          

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