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Denver Metro Emergency Food Network - the incredibly bold and brilliant humanitarian project that was created overnight in response to COVID-19. 

Denver Dumb Friends League - caring for those that cannot speak for themselves.

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Serving Those who Serve our Community
"Dear Fabulous People of Serendipity Catering,
Thank you so much for the delicious lunches you provided for our officers! That was so thoughtful and generous and we are very grateful. Thank you for supporting us during these uncertain times. Stay safe and well!"

 -District One Acting Commander
A Question and Answer Spotlight on Michael Graham, Founder of Denver Metro Emergency Food Network (DMEFN)
What is the mission of Denver Metro Emergency Food Network?

The Denver Metro Emergency Food Network was formed a little over a month ago in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The mission is to provide emergency meals to homebound families and elderly individuals, as well as other people in need including low-income individuals, and immune system compromised. Also, this was in response to knowing that the crisis was going to cause the service and hospitality workers some major problems. We are serving people that can’t afford a $50 DoorDash meal. That is not an option for them. 
You co-own Lost City – it seems like you have been able to leverage your relationships to launch DMEFN quickly.

We opened Lost City in October 2019. It is a mission-driven, social impact business particularly serving and employing low-income and immigrant and refugee communities. When this all happened, we already had a partnership with Comal and other community groups like Focus Points Family Resource Center, Denver Food Rescue, and Bondadosa.

What brought you to First Baptist as the headquarters of DMEFN operations?

We opened a second Lost City location in February 2019 in the First Baptist church on 15 th  and Grant. They have been great! DMEFN expanded into their banquet hall and most of the building to keep expanding operations. The banquet hall allows us to ensure social distancing for our volunteers while still increasing our productivity and number of meals made and delivered. 
How have partners like Serendipity Catering assisted you in the DMEFN mission?

We have gone from serving 1,000 meals a day to 3,000 meals. This is only possible through network partners such as Serendipity Catering and restaurants that are helping in a big way. Our focus is to meet demand. We need to get the cost per meal down so we can serve more people in need. Serendipity has been a Godsend, not only on the cost side, but also it is physically impossible for us to make the quantity of food we need in our kitchen to meet the demand. 
What can others do to help?

When we started this, we thought we would give it a week to see if we could make it go – would we be able to get funding? If not, we’d go bankrupt trying, but we would go out with a bang! We did get donations and funding and within the first week had secured enough to keep going. 

What people can do to help:
1) Help us identify anyone that has been overlooked – the food insecure that need assistance. This is not a food crisis, but an economic crisis. Food may be available, but not within reach, financially, for some. 
2) Funding. All donations to DMEFN are tax-deductible. Donate, here.
3) Sourcing. Introductions to farms and others that have product that can help us keep the cost per meal down, so we can produce more and service more.

What has been the most rewarding experience during the response to the public health crisis in Denver?

Knowing this incredible network that has come together to help. We are feeding people that would otherwise go without a meal. People are having a rough time, they are scared and we can help people right now. I think it is seeing people step up in a big way, stretching beyond the normal day-to-day activities to help.

I am very grateful to Serendipity Catering, you guys are having a rough time too, but you have been so supportive and I want to say “thank you” to all of you.
A Question and Answer Spotlight on Dr. Apryl Steele, President and CEO of Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL)
In light of COVID-19, has the mission of Denver Dumb Friends League been modified in any way to address this unprecedented time?  

No. Our mission is to end pet homelessness and animal suffering, and we have not wavered from this.   

Do you think the animals realize there is a problem "out in the world" have you seen or heard anecdotes of how they are coping?   

We are hearing that pets in homes are quite happy to have their people around. These animals are providing great solace in a time of human isolation.
How have partners like Serendipity Catering assisted you in the DDFL mission? 
As part of our need to keep our employees safe and reduce risk of these essential workers, we have brought in lunch to them at all four locations daily. Partnering with Serendipity has helped us provide this food-making our teams feel appreciated and keeping them safe.
What can others do to help? What do you need most urgently right now? 
We most urgently need people to donate to the Dumb Friends League .   Many folks are experiencing financial uncertainty, and more than 85% of the work we do is funded by donations. The animals need our community more than ever.
What has been the most rewarding experience during the response to the public health crisis in Denver? 
There are two. First, is connecting lonely people to a homeless pet and watching the joy from all. Second, is providing urgent veterinary care to people who cannot afford to treat their pet. Our Solutions Veterinary Hospital is overwhelmed with demand because animals need care.

We are grateful to our entire community for 110 years of support that has helped us create a compassionate, animal-centered society.
Other Ways to be #ColoradoStrong
Help Your Favorite Neighborhood Businesses
Delicious Food for a Great Cause...Win-Win! Beginning April 20, when you buy a gift card to one of EatDenver's member restaurants, your contribution will be matched! Your purchase will help keep the restaurant and EatDenver afloat through this crisis.
Join Serendipity Catering in Supporting Our Essential Employees and Families in Need

While we will continue to support our first responders and families affected by COVID-19, we encourage you to join us by becoming a sponsor by providing cost of meals for a day (or more)! Want to learn more? Just email us, below!

If you cannot contribute financially, there are still many ways you can help!

  • Donate Blood
  • Volunteer
  • Donate Supplies
  • Join the Innovation Response Team

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