September 18, 2020
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity--
so each can make our community and world a better place. 
The Head's Heads Up!

After many months apart and many, many weeks of planning, the Chesapeake Academy community is so happy to be back together in person for all grades! Of course, school looks a little different for all of us, but what is fundamentally true about our school community is still evident--deep relationships and knowledge of students, an emphasis on character values and consideration for others, and a dynamic and vibrant educational experience. 


I've said throughout this process of reopening school that our passion for teaching and learning comes second to our passion for TEACHERS and LEARNERS. In other words, health and safety measures were the primary concern in decisions about school reopening. The health of our community remains the lens through which we will view future decisions now that we're all together. I am so appreciative of the efforts of our faculty, staff, students, and families to adhere to a lengthy list of protocols outlined in our COVID mitigation plan.

The COVID mitigation plan came together in stages with the heavy lifting coming from the administrative team. They considered the impact of COVID mitigation protocols on health and safety, teaching and learning, and routines of school life. With help from a medical advisory group comprised of parents in the medical profession, details of the plan to keep staff and students safe became clear. The Three Rivers Health District reviewed and weighed in on the plan, and we were ready to open on September 2! 

I am confident that we are doing all we can to keep our community safe and want to highlight some of the steps we have taken. 

Health and hygiene: We conduct daily health screenings of all staff and students prior to coming into the building. While moving around the building or the classroom, masks are required for everyone. Plexiglass shields are between students in the classrooms. Our students have adjusted so well to the expectations. 

We've invested in air purifiers for every space, HEPA filters for all air returns, and hand sanitizing stations at every entrance. We've also added sanitizing protocols and the use of foggers daily. 

Teaching and learning: The faculty has spent all summer learning Canvas, our online learning platform from which students can access learning modules and all class materials. Introducing this blended learning component makes it possible for us to meet the needs of students in the classroom as well as those who may be distance learning. 

Daily routines: We extended each school day by 20 minutes and the school year by several weeks to help “bank” against times when we might need to move to distance learning for 14 days if we have illness in the building. We also want to make sure that we allow for as much instructional time as possible in such an unprecedented time for learners. We've created daily procedures to stagger students' schedules, limit student interaction across cohorts, and limit student movement throughout spaces. 

The faculty and staff have made Herculean efforts to not just respond to circumstances, but to embrace and lead the way forward. We know that education will never again be as it was in February 2020. The seismic shift of the global pandemic has brought revolutionary change to schools. We are eager to look for the opportunities inherent in such a disruptive time. At each turn, our faculty and staff model flexibility, creativity, resiliency, and optimism, which are ideal character traits to instill in our students as well!

We are grateful for the opportunity to be together–the chance to continue learning together, socialize, and grow. We are thankful to be able to aspire to and meet our mission every day.

Thank you for being part of our community!

CA Welcomes New Students

Director of Admission, Kelly Antonio is happy to announce that Chesapeake Academy welcomed 31 new Ospreys for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please make a point of welcoming these new folks when you see them! Even in our socially distanced times, a smile, a wave, a quick phone call, an elbow bump, or a quick in-person conversation will go a long way to making CA feel like home!

Pre-kindergarten 3&4
  • Conrad Atwell, son of Kate and Austin Atwell
  • Penn Charlton, son of Charlotte and Wes Charlton
  • Andy Barringer, son of Jamie and Damien Crissey  

  • Avery Carter, son of Farrow Adamson and Kent Carter
  • Layne Keplinger, daughter of Courtney and Scott Keplinger
  • Mia Neighbors, daughter of Heather and James Neighbors
  • Tillie Rowe, daughter of Mary and Chas Rowe
  • Alex Shiflett, son of Lilyanna Peyser and Eric Shiflett
  • Capri Thomas, daughter of Kelly and Chad Thomas
  • Mariah Veney, daughter of Kiara Ransome and Jonathan Veney 

First grade
  • Milly Johnson, daughter of Sarah and Nicholas Johnson
  • Robert Sheehan, son of Lindsay Burton and Thomas Sheehan
  • Rachel Trollip, daughter of Loraine and Jason Trollip 
  • Liam Veney, son of Kiara Ransome and Jonathan Veney

Second grade
  • Eli Hamrick, son of Stephanie Hamrick and Warren Hamrick
  • Alex Keplinger, son of Courtney and Scott Keplinger
  • Lexington Thomas, daughter of Kelly and Chad Thomas 

Third grade
  • Madison Carter, son of Farrow Adamson and Kent Carter
  • Eviana Shiflett, daughter of Lilyanne Peyser and Eric Shiflett
  • Lily Trollip, daughter of Loraine and Jason Trollip 

Fourth grade
  • Kate Johnson, daughter of Sarah and Nicholas Johnson
  • Miriam Sisson, daughter of Courtney and Michael Sisson 

Fifth grade
  • Yvelisse Cabocel, daughter of Melissa and Frederic Cabocel
  • Matthew Harte-Hackney, son of Marnie Harte and Sean Hackney
  • Eli Stewart, son of Brooks Stewart and Roger Stewart 

Sixth grade
  • Stephanie Bowhey, daughter of Jennifer and Steve Bowhey
  • Chase Carneal, son of Marsha Paulson and Linwood Carneal
  • Parker Daley, son of Rebecca and Aaron Daley

Seventh grade
  • Elizabeth Bowhey, daughter of Jennifer and Steve Bowhey
  • Cate Chavez, daughter of Stacey Carden and Dodie Chavez

Eighth grade
Charlotte Johnson, daughter of Jenny Ramey and Frederick Johnson
Character Theme for 2020-21: Perspective!

In January 2020, perspective seemed like the ideal theme for the 2020-2021 school year. Who wouldn't want to have 20/20 vision? Then, in the face of campus closure and the planning for reopening of the school year in such strange circumstances, PERSPECTIVE seems even more perfect as the character theme for the year. Ms. Duvall spoke with students at convocation about perspective as a pair of imaginary glasses that frame how we see the world. If each person has their own glasses on, we can look at the same situation from different places. All our various perspectives enrich our community.

As we talk with students all year about perspective, we will use several visual cues or lenses:

MIRRORS: Mirrors help you see yourself clearly. Perspective comes from knowing yourself well. This includes reflecting on how you respond to different situations, learning how to self-regulate, and how to bring your best self to each day. 

WINDOWS: Windows help you observe! The visual of looking out (observing) through a window helps students develop perspective for others' experiences. Knowing that each of us brings own take to any situation builds empathy and a desire to expand your own growth.

DOORS: the visual of a glass door creates a two layered image–your own reflection in the glass, as well as seeing past yourself to a broader view. This perspective helps you see that your own experiences are important to framing how you see the world, and expanding your view to include others' perspectives can create a more complete picture

Dean of Students

As Dean of Students, Hillary Smith will do what she does best: She is a proactive coach and cheerleader for kids' academic and social/emotional success! To get the ball rolling, Smith outlined for teachers ways to discuss the eternal quest for self-regulation. Smith explains, "Self-regulation is a critical skill and goal for all our students. This year, students from pre-k to eighth grade will be working to understand their brains. The amygdala and the prefrontal cortex are critical to how we react to the world. Students are using metaphors to understand how the amygdala responds to stimuli! The story of a barking dog and a wise owl helps little learners to understand. When something happens, the amygdala reacts (the barking dog). All that racket makes it hard for the prefrontal cortex (the wise owl) to make good decisions! They must quiet the amygdala so that the prefrontal cortex is in control once again. Older students will use the hand model pictured below to understand this concept. 

Talking with your child with this language at home is such a lovely way to tie together school and home life! All year students will be learning and practicing techniques to calm their amygdalas and self-regulate.
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

As Chesapeake Academy's Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kim Dynia has proved her mettle in a trial by fire. She selected and coordinated a learning managment system (LMS) for CA and held workshops for teachers on using Canvas in blended learning to best prepare the school community to flexibly respond to education in a health crisis. She has been a steady advisor for teachers as they designed their own course pages, invited students to join, and began to use blended learning to support students who need distance learning.

Dynia comments, "Students are off to the races with Canvas! This platform allows students to access learning tools, class updates, and personal progress, all in one convenient location. Parents have the opportunity to peek into classrooms more than ever before, without having to step foot through the front door. Just go to and log in with your student's username and password, provided by homeroom teachers. From there you can see select classroom activities, access resources, peruse your student's work and feedback, and track their progress. Canvas is a great way to facilitate conversations with students about their school day!"
Legacies Grow at Chesapeake Academy!

Chesapeake Academy Head of School Julie Duvall declares, "The growing number of Chesapeake Academy legacy students is a compelling statement on the vitality of our school community! We are always excited to see this number growing. Families reliably sustain a belief in Chesapeake Academy as a trusted educational alternative because of the way the school adheres to its child-centered mission. While practices and strategies change to keep our students well prepared for their futures, the primary focus on each student's optimal growth endures. We are honored by these families' confidence in sharing their legacies with Chesapeake Academy."  

  • Cosmo Duncan, son of Theresa (Tess) Duncan '97 
  • MacKenzie Ruddock, daughter of former Osprey Stephen Ruddock  
  • Quinn and Eli Stewart, children of former Osprey Brooks Vickery Stewart
  • Lily Webb, daughter of Rebecca Clark Webb '01
  • June Nichols, daughter of David R. Nichols '94
  • Nora, Isaac, and Penn Charlton, children of Charlotte Cornwell Charlton '98 
  • Sully Cockrell, son of Taylor Tiffany Cockrell '93  
  • Jamie Lang, son of Arthur Grandison Lang IV '99 
  • Emory Simmons, daughter of Susan Faulkner Simmons '87 and James Rawleigh Simmons '76
  • Elise and Alec Sterrett, grandchildren of Gayle Haynie Sterrett '71
  • Richard Beane, son of former Osprey Amy Biddlecomb Beane
  • Anna and Davis Bugg, children of Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) Bugg '92
  • Izzy Dew, daughter of former Osprey Katie Horsley Dew 
  • Jake and Jimmy Hodsden, sons of Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden '97 
  • Harrison and Evan Hinton, sons of Robert D. Hinton (Rob) '92
  • Miles Hollingsworth, son of Phoebe Rittenhouse Hollingsworth '90 and Mark Hollingsworth '86 
  • Robert Cunningham, son of Robert L. Cunningham '72
  • Joshua Abbott, son of former Osprey Richard C. Abbott 

Director of Learning Services

A new role at Chesapeake Academy, the Director of Learning Services supports teachers and students in the process of learning. Kenzie Manetz brings this role to life as an advisor for teachers, connecting them with resources and experiences and helping to identify patterns and opportunities in planning instruction. A talented resource, Kenzie Manetz will also support distance learning for students who need to access instruction away from school. She will continue to orchestrate the Learning Services Program which identifies educational needs, coordinates testing, and scaffolds education for at risk or accelerated learners. She has streamlined the process of capturing effective learning strategies for specific learning needs into action plans and initiated an abbreviated format for short term needs.
Save the Date

9/17-18, Inward Bound Retreat
9/24, Eighth grade parent zoom with Julie Duvall, 8:45 a.m.
9/28, PALS presents, Harold Wood, Count with Colors, 9:30 a.m.
9/29, Fifth grade parent zoom with Julie Duvall, 8:45 a.m.
9/30, Tag Day (This is a no uniform day for a fifty cent donation to CA.See guidelines in the Parent Handbook.)
10/6, New Parent Round Table, time
10/7, Dress Uniform and Shoes
10/9, Interims home
10/10, CA Oyster Roast 2.0: Shuck it Bucket
10/12, Fall Break, No school
10/16, Pre-k's Pumpkin Party at Townley Farm, 9:00 a.m. to noon
10/21, PALS presents, the Virginia Opera presentation of Pinnochio
10/28, Tag Day

An Attitude of Gratitude

  • Here's a rousing round of applause for CA parents who are adapting like pros to the morning health screening and other covid protocols! Thanks to all for keeping our school community safe!
  • Campus Cleanup volunteers erased every vestige of summer's wild abandon from the Rowe Campus, leaving our campus tidy, organized and ready for more outdoor learning than ever! Thank you!
  • Room parents are a teacher's right hand! They plan parties and auction projects, help with field trips, and add to the program in so many ways! Take a minute to thank these wonderful folks for all they do: David and Jackie Messinger and Ashley Duncan (Pre-K 3&4); Charlotte Charlton (K); Ainslie Hodges (first grade); Laurie Rowe (second grade); Jennifer Beuchelt, Blair Kenyon, Kim Edmonds (third grade); Mary Bowman (sixth grade); Hazel Farmer (seventh grade); Robin Cunningham (eighth grade).
  • Donations to the bike path and play area behind the gym have delighted CA's youngest easy riders!
  • Thanks to the Three Rivers Health District for their support and advice.
  • Thanks for those wonderful medical folks who have agreed to serve on a Medical Advisory Committe (Sally Okun, Christin Waleski-Kirby, Mary Bowman, Nicole Harding, Lisa Jenkins-Haynie, Trish Monge-Meberg, Jen Clair, and Gentry Kenner

The Gift of Time and Talent is a Treasure!