Together again at last! Live Communion service!
Our first live, in-person communion worship service since the pandemic took hold will take place this Sunday, October 18 at 7:45 AM in the GSP parking lot! The service will include all parts of our regular liturgy with prayers, readings, Affirmation of Faith, Prayers of the People, Eucharistic Prayer and COMMUNION served in one kind, using a no touch system. There will be no music or singing at this service.
Attendees’ cars should be parked on the street or in the Medical Square lot across Norton Ave from GSP. Please arrive early enough to safely negotiate the inevitable logistical problems.
Chairs will be set up, but bring your own seating if you wish. Water bottles and hand sanitizer will be available. Restrooms at the north end of the cloister/breezeway will be open. All attendees will be required to wear a mask and stay six feet apart (we will have masks available). Family units may remain together. Children will gather on the labyrinth during the 7:45 AM service, socially distant of course. Regular Zoom Sunday School at 9:15.
Printed service bulletins will be available, but we ask that you consider downloading an electronic version in advance if possible.
No physical Offering plate will be passed. Offering plates will be placed in strategic locations to receive donations.
There will be no "coffee hour" after the service. We can and should greet each other with virtual hugs and waves as we quickly disperse after the service.
10 AM service
The in-person 7:45 service will NOT impact the live streaming of our 10 AM service. You can attend both! GSP will continue to live stream every Sunday and will do so for the foreseeable and not-so-foreseeable future.
Happy Creation Season,   Steve +
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