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As Honorary Consul of Finland and a Vice President of Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Florida Chapter, I was delighted to see the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö visiting the United States together with other Nordic leaders. 

In his speech, President Niinistö stated that "The Nordics are a family with profound commonality of values and history, and with strong ties of cooperation. Gender equality, equal opportunities, and human rights for all, democracy, the rule of law and respect of international law - these are hallmarks of our societies, and an agenda that we share. 

Together the Nordics are a superpower - not militarily, but when it comes to innovation, education, competitiveness, sustainable development and clean technologies.  Seen together we are the world's 12th largest economy. Free trade is clearly in our interest.

We also claim superpower status as far as culture and sports are concerned.   And - as you see we are champions in modesty too!"

Nordic leaders gave us a good reminder about the importance of cooperation. Chambers of Commerce are here to develop, encourage, promote and foster trade, business, financial or professional interests and commercial relations.

We at FACC in cooperation with SACC (Swedish American Chamber of Commerce) and NACC (Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce) are planning in the future a trade mission to Nordic Countries. Therefore, this visit would complement and bring together the United States and Nordic Countries. 

We wish you all safe and enjoyable summer. 

Yours truly,

Peter Makila
Vice President
FACC, Florida Chapter

Obama Warms Up to Nordic Leaders

President Sauli Niinistö and other Nordic leaders made an official visit to the United States. The visit began with a reception ceremony held at the White House on the morning of Friday 13 May. President Niinistö spoke after a welcome speech given by US President Barack Obama.

Read more and see pictures here or watch the video below (starts with President Obama speaking a word of Finnish). 

Obama Nordic Summit Welcome
Obama Nordic Summit Welcome


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Peter Makila
Vice President
FACC, Florida Chapter