Dear Friend,
The last several weeks have been especially challenging as our country continues to cope with a global pandemic while also facing violations of civil & human rights. My call to action for these important issues centers around the critical importance of quality education and academic success for the students of SCS.  Education is freedom. Education is empowerment.  One way that we can combat uncertainty and injustice is to equip students with the knowledge, tools, and skills to address these issues in a meaningful way.
Yesterday, the SCS Board approved Superintendent Ray’s  1:1 Digital Device Plan  to equip every SCS student with a laptop or tablet and technology access to those who need it.  I remain committed to closing the achievement gap for all students.  As the board representative for the Digital Access Advisory Committee, it was clear that this investment in our students is a historic opportunity for our school system and for our students.

I am proud that starting this fall – for the first time – our 90,000 Shelby County students will have laptops or tablets and access to WiFi to extend the reach of knowledge and learning from the classroom into their homes. This important first step, once implemented, will help ensure that regardless of the impact of the current health crisis, moving forward, our Shelby County students will continue to have access to education and remain on a pathway to empowerment and fulfillment of their incredible potential.
There is still much more work to be done to address inequalities in our communities, but we can start by securing the future of our students. Our schools should be a place of hope, which is why we continue to advocate for a re-imagined 21 st  century education for our students.  The work that we do to support education in our county is paramount. Students of today will be leaders of tomorrow and what we do now matters. 
Together we will win.