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Fit To Recover is up to amazing things.  
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The best way to complete your goals next year - is to start on your goals this year! 

November 16th - December 31st we invite you to get a jump start on your New Year's goals and join us for 30 workouts in 40 days.  

Sign up for our Monthly Membership, plus a small $5 program buy in to participate.  
As a community we will work toward this goal together tracking progress and having fun.  
Members who complete all 30 workouts will earn an FTR T-shirt! 

Minimum Effort - Maximum Results
Consistency & Accountability 

Come down to the gym or email us for more information.

Be sure to make note of our schedule changes coming up!  
Starting November 16th we have new classes starting, and all our evening classes have moved to start on the :30.  

Saturday, November 7th 
11:30 am

Join special guests Dawn Baran and Rob Wallace for a holistic Yoga experince incorporating asanas (poses), breathing exercises, relaxation techinques and joyful meditation. 

11:30 - 12:30 Gentle Yoga for Everyone
12:30-1:00 Lunch Will be Served
1:00 - 2:00 Japa Meditation
2:00 - Kirtan-Transcendental Sound Music

$10 Donation Suggested - no one will be turned away
*please arrive by 11:15 am

RSVP    *let Shelley know if you will need a mat*

Saturday, November 7th 
SELFLESS SERVICE - Feed the Homeless 
1:00 pm - Just west of Pioneer Park (350 S & 400 W)

Service is at the core of FTR.
Come along and connect as we feed the homeless. 
We are always in need of water, socks, apple's and granola bars
to fill up backpacks, as we walk around feeding those who are hungry.
Service is Simple. Simple is Powerful.

Saturday, November 21st 
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Learn how to recharge this Holiday Season at FTR's Food To Recover Workshop
This fun, free, interactive session will be led by registered dietitians.

-Explore healthier Thanksgiving deserts, includes a quick cooking demonstration
-Discover easy holiday self-care strategies
-Connect with gratitude around food and recovery

Sobriety Spotlight
Kristen H. 

My name is Kristen H.  I am 37 years old.  I have an amazing 10 year old daughter who is the light of my life.  My sobriety date is August 6, 2015.  

I took my first drink when I was 17 years old.  In hindsight I should have realized from my first experience that alcohol and I don't get along.  I drank so much I blacked out.  That kind of drinking continued for nearly 20 years.  I tried countless times to get sober. Detox, rehab, meetings, promises, white knuckling with willpower...  In June of 2014 I got a DUI.  A few months later my drinking brought me to my knees.  I was in the hospital detoxing once again.  I was ready for a change and I checked myself into treatment.  With probation, therapy, assignments and multiple weekly UA's I managed to stay alcohol free for 10 months.  I've always been good with expectations on my ability, but what I was lacking was emotional happiness.  

I relapsed August 5th, alone in my room.  I wanted friends.  I wanted to feel like I was part of something.   Over the last 10 years of drinking I isolated and shut people out of my life.  I was afraid of being rejected.  I didn't put myself out there.  I was lonely and bitter.  

Someone in recovery told me about FTR.  I was given Lacey's number and the time of a class.  I was terrified.  I was in the parking lot having a mental debate of reasons to turn and leave.  It was very intimidating for me - I was at a "gym", these people are physically fit and I am overweight.  They look happy and I am scared.  They are laughing and I am trying to hold back my tears.  And just when my old thinking that kept me isolated from life was about to win - Lacey and Ian came out and introduced themselves with a smile and a hug.  That was all it took!  Acceptance.

That first exercise class I gave it my all. It was hard, I was sweating and tired but I also felt genuine support and encouragement.  I have been coming to FTR on a regular basis for almost 2 months! I've lost inches and lost weight - but the GAINS are what keep me going in the right direction.  

I have gained an abundant amount of friendships!  People who care about me, my well being and who support me.  I've even received calls from people just checking  in when I miss a work out.  They ask my opinion.  I can count on others and it helps me be accountable in return.  I have participated in multiple service projects wit h FTR.  It is great to be able to give back and help others.  I feel like my life has purpose as I am part of a loving community.  

If you are scared like I was, I promise that if you can just make it through the door of Fit To Recover and allow you rself t o b e vulnerable  you can make the most genuine friends of your life.  

I did.  Today I get up and look forward to life.  I am outgoing and positive.  I show up.  I am PART OF. 
In Other News
*How Can 'Fit to Recover' Empower Addicts' Recovery?* 

 Profiled by Nadia Crow of  ABC4Utah live from the FTR Gym and Community Center.  This fantastic news story aired originally on Oc tober 27th.   

"The importance is that we're all struggling with something. And it's ok that we're struggling with something and you can talk about it here," said Acker.

*Climbing Wall Under Construction to Help Those in Drug Recovery*  

A story by Andrea Smardon with KUER.  
Listen here

"Exercise is secondary. Climbing is secondary. The primary focus is community," Acker says.

Stock up on FTR - A great charitable giving strategy

Fit To Recover sincerely appreciates, and relies on, end-of-tax-year donations to continue to grow and to serve more members. One giving strategy that is helpful for FTR, and under many circumstances, for the donor as well, is to give Fit To Recover stock that you own that has increased in value over time. Donating the stock to FTR, rather than selling the stock and donating cash, can offer you tax savings.

Here's an example:
Buy on 1/2/13
100 sh @ $28
Sell on
100 sh @ 104
Long Term Cap Gains
Tax @ 15%
Value of Donation
Tax Savings @ 28%
Facebook buy, sell donate cash
Transfer shares to FTR
None to report to IRS
In this example, Fit To Recover receives the same charitable contribution ($10,400) but the donor has no long-term capital gains tax to pay, saving $1,140. 

Please check with your personal tax advisor to see if transferring stock to maximize your charitable giving is right for you since individual circumstances vary. In most cases, the stock transfer is cost-free, simple, and quickly accomplished. 

For more details on how to transfer appreciated stocks to FTR, please email us .

The wall is underway!

Fit To Recover has been buzzing with construction activity as corporate sponsors   Petzl Foundation and  Momentum Climbing  have been installing  Utah's first climbing wall dedicated to helping people maintain recovery from drugs and alcohol. With much gratitude we thank each of you who contributed to this project. 

We were able to reach our first milestone of funding which qualified our campaign as an InDemand campaign!  It is not too late to be part of this amazing project.

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