JUNE 2016
A Note from  the Director

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. 
-- Helen Keller

This month Shumla hosted our Annual Rancher Steward BBQ.  We welcomed the ranchers and stewards of the Lower Pecos region and it's incredible library of rock art to our Shumla Harrington campus. 

These very important people - landowners, ranch managers, park rangers, park hosts, tour guides, researchers, law enforcement, and friends - are all pivotal to the advancement of Shumla's preservation mission. Each in their own way protect the library of information found in the gorgeous canyons of our home. 

We are proud to honor them and we thank them for partnering with us to preserve the oldest "books" in North America for future generations. 

Shumla is so fortunate to have wonderful partners and advocates. Together we can do so much!

All the best,
Jessica Lee, Director
2016 Rancher Steward BBQ

This year we had the best turn-out ever! 
115 people came and enjoyed our gorgeous campus, delicious BBQ, fun activities and a glimpse at what Shumla's up to. 

Our Pavilion was packed!

David Graf waits his turn to try his hand at spear-throwing with an atlatl.

Carolyn Boyd gives the gathering a glimpse of her up-coming book -- The White Shaman Mural: An Enduring Creation Narrative.

Neal Stilley shows Judge Cadena, Joe Joplin, Beau Hester and their little ones how to start a fire using the friction of a spindle on a wooden fire board.

"Chewing the fat" and the BBQ with friends and neighbors. The BBQ was provided by Chief Hank Williams and cooked to perfection by Shumla Board Member Lacy Finley with her volunteers Johnnye Montgomery and Bill Cox. Thank you!

 Lacy serving up the dessert. What's a Texas BBQ without Blue Bell??

Chuck and Donna Lee and Tim and Kay Watt chill in front of the Book House and enjoy the view. 
Brenda Norman (second from left) with other Shumla employees at the Rancher Steward BBQ
Spotlight on Brenda Norman

Brenda Norman has been with Shumla for 10 years. She started in 2006 as a contractor, went part-time in 2009. Since 2011 she has been Shumla's full-time Accounting and HR Manager.

Her drive and sense of purpose help to propel Shumla forward. She works very hard and takes great responsibility for the projects in her care. She makes sure all the financials are in order and works very closely with Jessica in managing the business side of our small, but growing, non-profit. It's a big job, but she's up to the challenge. She takes great pride in Shumla and we couldn't do without our bean-counter and "mom."

Thank you, Brenda! 

Jerod helps the Ancient Southwest Texas Project race toward the finish line

The field season is almost over for the Ancient Southwest Texas Project and they are working fast, melting in the heat, to get everything finished. Shumla Archaeologist, Jerod Roberts, is lending a helping hand.
Shumla made the cover!

The Texas Historical Foundation publishes the Texas Heritage Magazine once a quarter. Shumla's Jessica Lee wrote an article for the recently released Volume 2 about  how Shumla's use of technology is solving ancient mysteries. 

Only subscribers have access to the article, but you can become a subscriber by clicking the link below.

The oldest "books" in 
North America are disappearing. 

Donate now to help us save this ancient library.  Every dollar you give will be matched $1 for $1.


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