We Did It!
Because of your generosity,
CBS has reached the  5777 Yom Kippur  Appeal  goal!

To date, your congregation has received
144 pledges and/or donations
towards this year's Yom Kippur Appeal.

By pledging $1800 or more toward this appeal,
37  of these donors made the commitment 
to join  the CBS Chai Society. 
2016-2017 Inaugural Chai Society Members
Barbara Baccari and Dr. Eric Weston
Wendy Belkin
Dr. Jody and Deborah Berner
Alan and Nancy Bomstein
Richard and Beth Bosman
Ina Colen
Jeff and Adrienne Cone
Caren Evans and Jeff Brown
Marvin and Linda Feldman
Sue Heyman and Mike White
Steven and Joni Higger
Dr. Stephen and Roni Igel
Dr. Richard and Joann Miller
Dr. Stacy and Bruce Orloff
Dr. Linda Prieto
Dr. Jerrold and Beth Resnick
Irvin Kety
Michael Kohl
Randi Kraus
Drs. Daniel and Lynne Krop
Michael and Harriet Rudich
David and Barbara Sadowsky
Diana Sager
Drs. Michael and Bebe Schulman
Drs. Steven and Rowena Seltzer
Michael and Marcia Shane
Nan Shane
Steve and Barbara Shepard
Michael and Kathy Sobel
Zunya and Helaine Solc
Dr. Eric Steckler & Evelyn Schreiber-Steckler
Elliott Stern
Andrea Szmiga
Dr. Steven Warren
Dr. Scott and Laurie Wisotsky
Dr. Paul and Diana Woodrow
Dr. Gordon Zuerndorfer
To all who donated -

Thank you for your generous donations...

Thank you for being a part of the CBS family...

With gratitude to all of you, for all you do!