MARCH 2018
Staying up to date on the latest trends on diverse and inclusive leadership is paramount
This month’s Toigo Newsbrief includes articles about how to improve your leadership skills, a new study about why diversity is better for the bottom-line, an in-depth feature on Toigo’s relationship with Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management—and more.
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5 Ways Millennials Can Inspire Diversity
and Inclusion in a Non-Diverse Workplace
Millennials want to work for employers who value diversity and inclusion, but despite a changing zeitgeist that favors diversity programs, many employers are either procrastinating this programmatic development or failing at its execution. Check out ways next gen rising leaders are prompting change. > Read on
Forbes Releases First-Ever List of America's Best Employers
For Diversity
Financial services giant Northern Trust seizes the top spot on the list of 250 employers.
Does Your Team Roll Their Eyes
When You Talk About Diversity?
Attaining the strategic advantages of a diverse team requires empathy and commitment to inclusion that overcomes unconscious bias. Toigo’s Career Crossroads study (released late 2017) reinforces alignment of values—personal and those of the employer. Read how the issue is playing out.
Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion
Often “diversity” and “inclusion” are lumped together and assumed to be the same thing--but that’s just not the case. Learn more from this HBR article about the difference and why it matters. 
Diversity in Business Really Does Boost Innovation, According to a New Study
new study  reveals what many people have known all along diversity in the workplace is good for innovation.

 Delivering Through Diversity
McKinsey’s latest research reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance—and suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge.
Toigo Fellows Complement Johnson’s Strengths in Finance and Diversity
Cornell’s Johnson School of Management has welcomed 37 Toigo Fellows over the year—
Photo: Toigo Fellow Peter Ferrara, MBA ’19 (right),
at the 2017 Office of Diversity and Inclusion Reception in New York City
Five Books for Your 2018 Must-Read List
Career-Building in 2018
Want more insights? These “hot topic” books are worthy of your 2018 “must read” list.

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