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August 9, 2017

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From the Classroom to the Boardroom

When mentorship goes off track

For The Atlantic's mentorship series, "On the Shoulders of Giants," the author interviews Brad Johnson, a professor in the department of leadership, ethics, and law at the United States Naval Academy to examine the often overlooked pitfalls of mentoring - and how to repair them once they have unraveled.
The Atlantic (7/28)

The talent migration from finance to tech – real or Memorex?

Career Crossroads

To help finance firms understand talent retention issues, including departures from finance to technology firms, Toigo partnered with Russell Reynolds to conduct a survey and focus groups with mid-career professionals (6 – 10 years post-MBA). The result Career Crossroads: Core Drivers Behind the Talent Migration from Finance to Technology and Strategies for Stemming the Tide—a new thought leadership report and the start of what Toigo hopes is a productive conversation.
Read the study (7/19)

How millenial MBAs are changing the future of work

"Digitally native" millenials are poised to dominate the place. With a growing interest in careers focused on social impact and sustainability, MBA programs will be forced to adapt their curricula to meet the needs of this generation. Millenials' comfort with technology is the driving force in broadening the definitions of traditional careers - especially in the finance industry. Toigo saw this firsthand in its record-setting application season (the nonprofit screened over 500 applications for the 2017 selection cycle and hosted 200+ finalists at MBA Catapult). The Toigo Foundation announced the selection of 93 fellows who will enter 19 top business school programs this Fall. The class of 2019 joins a cohort of nearly 80 second-year Fellows in the class of 2018.
Business Because (8/8)

Diversity Perspectives

Investors want more women, minorities on corporate boards

The Massachusetts pension fund Treasurer Deb Goldberg (who is also chair of the state pension board) is holding tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix accountable for the lack of diversity on their corporate boards. This year, the fund refused to support the slate of board nominees put forward by each of these organizations. "Goldberg's message to corporate America is simple: Massachusetts doesn't tolerate a board whose makeup is less than 30 percent women and people of color. Diversity matters, and study after study shows that different viewpoints are good for the bottom line."
Boston Globe (8/7)

Why women get criticized for being candid at work

The stereotype of the "catty" female boss can, to some, make giving constructive feedback seem like an act of spite. Leah Sheppard offers a thoughtful response to Olga Khazan's recent article "Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?" This insightful article offers answers to the question: "Is it possible that gender-based expectations make it difficult for more senior women to provide constructive criticism to their female reports?"
The Atlantic (8/4)

The United States of anxiety

How is the current state of our Union affecting you - psychologically? Brooke Deterline - Partner & CEO of Courageous Leadership, LLC - examines the phenomena of increased anxiety in the current political climate with insights from Nancy Sims - President & CEO of the Toigo Foundation and Van Jones - CNN Commentator, activist, and civic leader (who also just appeared as MC at the Toigo Gala in June).
Huffington Post (8/4)

Toigo Foundation News

Former First Lady Michelle Obama appears at Toigo Gala

2017 Toigo Gala Image

Former First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage at the Toigo Gala for an historic and inspiring evening celebrating Toigo’s work to advance leadership for all. It was a memorable reminder of the role we each can play to drive change. Onward!
See highlights!

Save the date for the 2018 Gala:
Thursday, June 14th
Cipriani Wall Street, NYC

Break new ground – Friday October 27th

Toigo's Groundbreakers Women in Leadership Summit is designed to help you break new ground. Whether you're a woman on the rise, leading a team, or the head of your own enterprise - this one day summit is for you! With a combination of featured speakers and leadership skills training, we offer you a setting for dynamic exchange with very smart and savvy peers. It’s a one-day gathering of 200+ amazing leaders from finance, philanthropy, media and more.
Space is limited - Register today.

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