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You, Me, and Spirit

"Toilet Tuesdays..." - what a subject line, huh?

As I had announced several months ago, I am compiling the 598 posts of my spiritual blog "You, Me, and Spirit" into a 2-volume eBook. Despite the blog being written ten years ago --in essence, another lifetime-- the fact that it is focused on Spirit makes such details minor because Spirit is timeless. Keeping my commitment to edit at least one blog post per day, the process is going well and I am on track. 

A recent editing task included a post entitled "Toilet Tuesdays." Since I had written it a decade ago, I really didn't remember what it was about, so I just had to laugh at the title and wonder... Once I began reading it, I immediately recollected that time period in my life and could see why I had used such a catchy title. I thought I'd share the blog post with you ahead of the eBook publication -- and, low and behold, the publication day of this month's newsletter is Tuesday! I trust you're not surprised to find it below under the Spirituality section

I'm excited to announce that per a request to hold a daytime "Intro to WordPress: First Steps" workshop, I scheduled one for Tuesday, May 7 - and, registrations flowed in so quickly that there is only one spot left as I write this! Henceforth, I'll continue to offer both daytime and evening workshops.

And, keep an eye out for an updated look to my websites. I'm big on content-- content is still king-- yet they still need a makeover to reflect these times and my talent and skills.


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Great Projects

There are two fatal errors that keep great projects from coming to life: 

1. Not finishing
2. Not starting

- Buddha

Toilet Tuesdays 

May 3, 2009

Almost 2 months ago, I entered into my first barter agreement: cleaning the men and women's restrooms at a yoga studio once a week in exchange for attending my favorite yoga class. It's been a fine arrangement, win-win.

This past week was the last as I needed to free up my time. I will miss this task as well as my favorite teacher and the gentle healing/restorative class postures.

As my cleaning was coming to an end, I realized that...  [continued]

Turning Litter into Beds for Animals
Brazilian-based artist and handyman Amarildo Silva decided to tackle the problem of littering in a unique way. The young man helps reduce the amount of old discarded tires in the streets by recycling them into unique and colorful animal beds. 

Image credits: Amarildo Silva

He's also been transforming car tires into planters and furniture. View additional photos and learn more.
General Computer Use/Technology
Anti-Social Media
You might find the video below funny. On the other hand, you might not find it a laughing matter. In either case, I think you'd probably agree it accurately reflects the importance of social media in many individuals' lives today. 

Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story | Comic Relief Originals
Anti Social - A Modern Dating Horror Story | Comic Relief Originals
Email Marketingemailmktg
New Social Ads Feature in Constant Contact

You can now create and publish Facebook and Instagram ads in minutes with Constant Contact - and you don't even need an Instagram account!

Create your ad content, choose a website where you want to drive your traffic to, then select your demographic information and budget. You can target the ad to both the demographics that matter the most to your organization and to a population of users who are interested in the type of goods and services you provide. When the ad is published, Facebook determines how to allocate your ad on Facebook and Instagram so you get in front of the best audience.

To learn more and see how it is done, click here.
Complimentary One-Hour Consult with Your Free Constant Contact Trial
When you sign up for a free 60-day trial of Constant Contact, let's work together for an hour gratis and start putting your email together, upload your contacts, etc.
  • No credit card required to sign up for your trial!
  • 60 days to explore all the campaign types and features that Constant Contact has to offer.
  • Create as many campaigns as you want.
  • Try out all the different campaign types available - there's more than just email!
Sign up for your free 60-day Constant Contact trial using my partner link  or contact me at 928.301.7292.
Website Design and Development websites
Why an SSL Certificate is Essential for Your Site

Google Chrome is now marking sites without SSLs as "Not Secure," warning visitors that their data might be at risk of theft. As a result, the site's ranking is diminished. 

What is an SSL Certificate anyway?

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer." In simple terms, it lets customers know that they can safely browse, make purchases, and share info on your site.

An SSL works by creating an encrypted connection between your visitor's browser and the server. Only the intended recipient can then decrypt these messages back into their original, legible form. 

Benefits to the site owner and the customer:
  • Protects data
  • Provides authentication
  • Improves customer trust
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Offers added brand power
  • Helps satisfy payment card industry requirements
  • Guards against phishing

If you want to learn more and wrap your head around what an SSL is, read this fun, pictorial guide

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May 2019 Schedule of Websites and Coffee WordPress Workshops
These workshops are hands-on: you will actually work in a real, live website and personally experience working with self-hosted WordPress. Space is limited to just 4 participants so that you can receive the attention you deserve. 

"Intro to WordPress: First Steps"
$ 49-

May 01, 2019 | Wed | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

May 07, 2019 | Tue | 10:00 AM - Noon

May 13, 2019 | Mon | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

"Intro to WordPress: Going Deeper (Part II)"
$ 49-

May 22, 2019 | Wed | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Workshops take place in Gilbert, AZ
(Val Vista Dr near Baseline Rd)

To learn more and/or to register, please visit the Websites and Coffee website, or call me @ 928.301.7292.
Where does the time go?!! 

It is difficult to believe that another month of 2019 has almost passed. Apparently I continue to have difficulty accepting the concept that the older one gets, the faster time seems to pass by!

Like it or not, may you make each moment rich with meaning, staying in the eternal Now.

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