Hello My Friends,
Mark your calendars. On January 11, 2019 Toklat Gallery will begin celebrating its 70th year in business with a BIG party here at the Gallery. The lineup of artists is very special: 4 new, 4 returning and 4 current with new art. Specifics and images will be forthcoming in weekly newsletters. In the meantime,  this is a photo that speaks directly to the beginning.

I was three years old - and so adorable! My brother Greg is petting the husky and oh how I wish he had been looking at the camera - he was 5. And then there are my gorgeous parents, each wearing a husky fur sweater, knitted by my maternal grandmother. This was taken in early December 1948 and we were living at Ted Ryan's Highland Bavarian Lodge while my parents were building Toklat Wilderness Lodge and Husky Kennels six miles further south on Castle Creek Road. How can I be so precise on the date? My mother is probably unaware that she is pregnant - my brother Alan was born August 31, 1949!
Just so you can see , I am working HARD to re-stage the gallery.


All the best, 

As of today, the Gallery  is finally back to regular hours -  open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 5.  As I put the gallery back together, there is a small table full of old inventory items - they are on sale for half price.
Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road  at Riverside Plaza
(intersection of Two Rivers Road and Midland Avenue)

 Sandy and Ol' Goliath
 Larry Lefner, Sculptor