October 3, 2017
10.06.2017 Celebrating National Manufacturing Day
Made in Toledo - Celebrating the Region's Manufacturers

National Manufacturing Day is this Friday, October 6th! According to the official website, Manufacturing Day is a "celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers." The Toledo Region has a rich history of manufacturing, and modern manufacturing is booming in our community.

Quality Tool Company - Celebrating Manufacturing

Quality Tool Company Leadership
Quality Tool Company was established more than sixty years ago in the Toledo Region. The family owned, mid-sized manufacturing company provides cost effective manufacturing for their customers across various industries. With 40,000 square feet of production space and an 8,000 sq. foot tool room, the company is one of the few companies that can stamp, machine and weld assemblies, all in the same facility. 

The Countertop Shop: Manufacturing Countertops Since 1990

Mike and Karen Langenderfer opened their doors as
a cabinet and countertop installation shop in 1990. In 2003, The Countertop Shop was doing so many countertops that they shut down the cabinet part of the business to focus solely on fabricating and installing residential countertops. Now the company does a broad range of countertop business, working with homebuilders, remodelers and kitchen and bath dealers. Their tagline is "everything from laminate to granite." 

Yarder Manufacturing: Celebrating Four Generations of Business in Toledo
Yarder Manufacturing

Four generations of Yarders have intentionally chosen to make it in Toledo. The Yarder Manufacturing Company is a four generation family business specializing in sheet metal fabrication for B2B manufacturing needs. Headquartered on Philips Avenue in Toledo, the company has thrived for nearly 100 years. Across 50,000 square feet, 65 talented engineers, welders, and skilled workers collaborate to "make metal matter."

Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce and Toledo Area Small Business Association (TASBA) Support Two Renewal Levies

The boards of the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce Board and the Toledo Area Small Business Association (TASBA) recently voted to support two levies that will appear on the November 7th ballot. The Chamber's comprehensive levy review process includes presentations by the agencies making the request, an examination of the impact of the levy request on both the agency and taxpayers, and a review of agency financials to better understand the need behind the request. 

Toledo City Council to Vote on "Wage Theft" Enforcement Ordinances

At its regular meeting scheduled for 4:00 p.m. today, Toledo City Council is expected to vote on a package of ordinances regarding "wage theft" and wage related information requirements for all employers in Toledo. Wage theft is a term used for the denial of wages or employee benefits that are owed to an employee.  

Ohio Department of Commerce Announces Increase in State Minimum Wage

Ohio Department of Commerce
The Ohio Department of Commerce announced Friday that the state's minimum wage will increase to $8.30 per hour for non-tipped employees, effective Jan. 1, 2018. This is an increase from the current level of $8.15/hour.  The minimum wage for tipped employees increases to $4.15 per hour, up from the current $4.08 level. 

The state's minimum wage applies to employees of businesses with annual gross receipts of more than $305,000 per year, also an increase from the current level of $299,000 per year. 

Sabrina D'Onofrio Named New Head of Export Assistance Network at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
Sabrina D_Onofrio

The Ohio SBDC Export Assistance Network (EAN) at the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce provides companies with free, in-depth counseling to enable them to export and diversify their portfolios. Sabrina D'Onofrio has been named the new head of the EAN and can provide companies with custom market research, financial assistance, and export education among other services.

Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher Program

The Ohio Incumbent Workforce Training Voucher
Ohio Development Services Agency
Program is an employer-driven program designed to provide direct financial assistance to train workers and improve the economic competitiveness of Ohio's employers. This program is designed to offset a portion of the employer's costs to improve the skills of its workforce. 

Businesses can begin the online application process now. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be submitted on Oct. 12, 2017 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. For additional assistance, contact Shannon Vanderpool at (614) 644-8560 or Shannon.Vanderpool@development.ohio.gov.

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