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Message from Mayor Kapszukiewicz 
A lot of work has gone into creating a regional water system and there is still much work to be done. We have studied this for more than a decade and we are not at the end but we are at the end of the beginning.

For a long time, our suburban neighbors have helped Toledo keep its water rates low. But our water rates have still gone up 40 percent over the past three years even with that help. Now, our customers are leaving and if we do nothing, our rates will continue to go up. History teaches us working together is better than doing it alone, so we must work together to develop a partnership that will protect our rates and our water supply long term.
I believe a regional water authority is the smart thing to do and the right thing to do. I signed a memorandum of understanding Wednesday along with leaders from Lucas County, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Whitehouse, Fulton County, Monroe County, and the Northwestern Water and Sewer District. I want everyone – the legislative representatives of every community, residents, and business owners to look at the MOU and ask questions. We have more information on the city website . I am working with the six district council representatives to schedule public meetings on regional water in each district.

You have my commitment that my leadership team and I will do all we can to keep communication open. This is our challenge together and we need to work on it together. 
The city of Toledo finance department released preliminary 2017 general fund revenues figures. 2017 Income taxes - the largest source of general fund revenue for the city - are expected to exceed the 2016 total and easily meet the $176 million budgeted for last year.

City spending is down too. The city was able to save on wages, services, and supplies in 2017. "These positive revenue and expenditure trends over the last year have enabled a reduction in the proposed capital improvement fund transfer," said Melanie Campbell, the city's acting finance director. "Originally budgeted at more than $11 million for 2017, we were able to decrease that transfer to slightly more than $1 million. This $10 million savings has been included in the proposed 2018 capital improvement program budget."

Past city budgets can be found here .
Toledo Police

New Police Officers
Congratulations to the new Toledo Police officers who graduate Friday night from the police academy. The officers begin their four-month field training Monday morning. Thank you for becoming one of Toledo's Finest and welcome to one of the best police departments in the nation.
Not In My House
Mayor Kapszukiewicz and Toledo Police this week announced that the grassroots “Not In My House” program will begin in February and the department will continue to use a number of violence reduction strategies

“Not In My House - Taking Back One House, One Block, One Street, One Neighborhood At a Time ” - allows Toledoans to surrender weapons or drugs with no penalty and no questions asked. Officers will come to your home to collect drugs or weapons. Police will later run tests on any firearms to determine if they have been used in a crime, but the person handing in the weapon will not be charged. Once a month, flyers and stickers will be distributed to homes in a targeted neighborhood. We will also have a curriculum designed for our school resource officers to speak about this in Toledo schools.
Public Service
Toledo needs to recycle better. More than 40 percent of the city's recyclables are contaminated with trash and sent to a landfill.

Remember: do not bag recyclables. No plastic bags in the blue container - at all. Here is a good video to remind everyone how to recycle properly.

Toledo City Council approved the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District’s Solid Waste Management Plan Tuesday. It also authorized the mayor's request for an agreement with the Lucas County Commissioners and the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District to commit all of the city’s recyclables from the curbside recycling program to the district. The goal is to create a local materials recovery facility that will reduce our costs by eliminating the need for transportation and let us control how and where our recyclables are processed.
By The Numbers
( year-to-date )
 46,566 cubic yards of leaves collected
3,738 potholes filled
94,605 feet of sanitary sewers cleaned
126 water main breaks repaired
1,179 contractor licenses issued

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President Matt Cherry
I was fortunate to have the support of my fellow colleagues on council as they voted to elect me president of Toledo City Council on January 2 nd . I am honored and humbled by their support. My goal is to work with each council member to accomplish their goals and make Toledo an even better city than it is already. I look forward to working with the new mayor and his administration as we tackle some of the hurdles Toledo has faced. The first order of business for council this year was to restructure our committees and place council members in roles they could succeed. Council confirmed these appointments unanimously on January 30 th and we hit the ground running. Council member Nick Komives, chairman of the Water and Sustainability committee, held a hearing the very next day on one of the biggest challenges facing our region – the creation of a regional water authority. I personally feel our community needs to get to this end goal in some fashion but we also need to do what is best for the citizens of the Toledo. I look forward to the community regional water meetings that will take place in each of the six council districts. I want to hear the concerns and questions from the citizens of this community. We have many challenges to tackle during the upcoming months and I am excited to take on those tasks with city council members and the new administration. Toledo has a very bright future and I am proud to be part of it. You Will Do Better In Toledo!
Toledo In The News

Area leadership backs regional water agreement  Leaders from Toledo, Lucas County, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Whitehouse, Fulton County, Monroe County, and the Northwestern Water and Sewer District signed a regional water memorandum of understanding Thursday.

Kapszukiewicz transition team recommends consolidating departments, improving customer service Toledo citizens want to see their new mayor champion economic development, invest in neighborhoods, and improve transparency and accountability in city government.

Crime reporter becomes a cop in order to give back As a crime reporter for the Toledo Blade, Taylor Dungjen wanted to help readers understand the city. But then she traded in her pen for a badge in order to help those in need as a police officer.

Getting to Know You: A day in the life of new Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz The mayor speaks as passionately and eloquently about attracting and growing businesses, as he does about his daily tasks of signing ordinances, filling potholes and raking leaves.

TFD does more than fight fires Even though the name of the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department implies battling fires, about 90 percent of the actual runs members of TFD go on are emergency medical and not fire related.
Last year, Toledo Fire and Rescue went on more than 60,000 runs. Of those, more 53,000 were medical emergencies.

The Toledo Mayor's office is loaded with more females than ever before. The vast majority of the staff in the mayor's office are females.

Neighbors get hands-on experience with policing It's back to class for several Toledoans as they learn what it takes to be TPD. They will spend the next ten weeks enduring the citizen police academy. It will prepare them to help keep our city safe.
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