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October 2019 | SND Newsletter
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A Letter From Sr. M. Delores Gatliff
Dear Friends,

In our issue of crossroads, our mission priority focuses on Ministry on the Margins as one of the 3 initiatives of SND-USA. We are grateful to be in partnership with so many who believe and share in our mission.
Your continued support and generosity have enabled our Sisters to continue in their ministries throughout 11 states, provide ongoing care for our elder Sisters, and assist with safety renovations and nursing care needs.
This summer, 20 Sisters celebrated Jubilees and we are blessed by their many years of service and commitment to our mission! We remember our four Sisters who died this past year. We are grateful for the memories we have of them and for the lives that they impacted. May they each experience the fullness of eternal life.
We offer our prayers for all of you and your families, especially those who are going through a difficult time. Please continue to keep the Sisters of Notre Dame in your prayers as we continue our ongoing mission.
Thank you!
Sister Spotlight | Sr. Linda Maria Pelagio
Ministry on the margins runs deep for the Sisters of Notre Dame. Many Sisters find themselves in uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations in their ministries to serve those who are less fortunate. Sister Linda Maria Pelagio has experienced many challenges in spreading the love of Christ. Sister Linda Maria became legally blind at the young age of six when she had a rare reaction to penicillin and sulfa, today known as “Steven Johnson Syndrome.” Doctors were surprised that she survived and only lost her vision. She did not let that stop her nor did she ever lose sight of pursuing her dreams. Sister Linda Maria came to the United States from the Philippines in 1986 to attend a convention of the blind in hopes of gaining knowledge and resources to take back to the Philippines. During her time here in the U.S., she attended a course related to blindness at the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind in Washington, D.C. At her exit interview for the course she spoke about her “unfulfilled dream” and that was to enter religious life.
However, it was always her blindness that hindered her entrance. Sister Linda credits Deacon Rice at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington D.C. for encouraging her to pursue her dream. With the help of both Deacon Rice and Sister Vincent de Paul Malecki, OSF, Vocation Director at the time in the Diocese of Washington DC, they searched through hundreds of religious communities and chose 16 religious communities to further pursue. Out of the 16 letters sent, only five invited her to visit.
Sister Linda recalls receiving one last letter from the Sisters of Notre Dame in December of 1986 inviting her to visit their Provincial House and with a hopeful heart, she traveled to Toledo in January of 1987. Sister Linda says she found her home with the Sisters of Notre Dame as they welcomed her with open arms. She knew she was truly “at home” by how the Sisters would show their love in different ways. She was in awe and admiration of the simplicity and joy all shared by all the Sisters. She traveled back to Toledo one final time in April of 1987 and the rest is history.
She currently volunteers at Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo every Tuesday along with her outreach ministry at St. Francis De Sales Church, her ministry with senior citizens at the John McKissick Home, visiting surrounding nursing homes and giving communion to the home-bound. Her time on Tuesday spent at St. Vincent is a full day of ministry. She prepares grief packets for families who have lost loved ones and visits with families waiting for their loved ones in surgery, offering spiritual healing and prayers. She never gets disappointed if someone avoids her or doesn’t wish to speak with her. “I may make others feel uncomfortable with my white cane.” Sister Linda’s ministry is a true source of hope for people who are facing any type of challenge in their life. Her determination to overcome her disability and use all her talents and gifts shines through with the love she has to offer others.
We asked Sister to define what the word “mission” meant to her and she said “mission to me is sharing and witnessing personal and communal experience of God’s love. Whether it be through active ministry or through prayer and presence.” Sister Linda has a wonderful personality and is always smiling and positive, not to mention has a great sense of humor. Sister Linda is a true source of hope for people. Her talents and gifts shine through with the love she has to offer others.
2019 Jubilarians
This is a special time to rejoice with our Sisters as the celebrate 70, 65, 60, 50 & 40 years of faithful love and service to God.
Jubilee of Grace | 70 years
Sister Mary Damian Meng
Iron Jubilee | 65 years
Sister Mary Michaelyn Hempfling
(not pictured): Sister Mary Roseria Helmkamp
Diamond Jubilee | 60 years
( Back row ): Sister Mary Lucille Kime,Sister Mary de Porres Westrick, Sister Arlene Marie Hoffman, Sister Mary Barbra Ostheimer and
Sister Mary Bryan Gabel
( Front row ): Sister Mary Mara Bennett, Sister Mary Regeen Ulrich, Sister Mary Jesse Thompson and
Sister Mary Ralph Gerdeman
Golden Jubilee | 50 years
(Back row): Sister Mary Susanna Weaver, Sister Mary Lynda Snyder, Sister Mary Patricia Dorobek, and Sister Mary Camilla Lochotzki
( Front row ): Sister Mary Rose Moser, Sister Mary Bonita Sniegowski, Sister Susan Mary Missler and
Sister Mary Suzette Fisher
Ruby Jubilee | 40 years
(L-R) : Sister Susan Maria Kusz, Sister Carolyn Marie Schaffer, Sister Mary Ann Culpert and Sister Alice Marie Willman
Sister Marcia Marie Destatte
July 29, 1940- June 27, 2019

Sister Marcia Marie Destatte was passionate about sharing her knowledge of theology. Sister ministered as Director of Religious Education and worked 14 years for the Diocese of Toledo as the Director of the Marriage Tribunal Office. In her earlier years Sister spent six years teaching elementary school before teaching secondary school, including her Alma Mater, Notre Dame Academy. Sister died at the age of 78 in her 58th year of her religious profession.
Sister Mary Robert Clare
January 17, 193- May 23, 2019

Toledo native, Sister Mary Robert Clare was a 1955 graduate of Notre Dame Academy and in the same year received the name Sister Mary Robert Clare. Sister spent her 52 years of teaching in elementary schools. Wherever she ministered the students and parishioners loved her; everyone became her friend. Sister was very involved with the parish community assisting with weekly bingo and cheering on former students throughout their high school athletic careers. Later in life, Sister could always be seen at the front door of the SND Center to welcome people for Mass. Sister died at the age of 82 in her 62nd year of religious profession.
Sister Mary Antoni Nadolny
March 23, 1935- May 20, 2019

Sister Mary Antoni attended Notre Dame Academy, graduating in 1954. She entered the Sisters of Notre Dame the same year. Sister developed a love for Mary and in her later years she would carry a rosary in her pocket and try to pray all fifteen decades of the rosary by the end of the day. Sister Mary Antoni’s greatest joy was teaching; she spent 13 years teaching elementary and 21 years teaching Religion and Social Studies in high school. After 34 years of teaching, she assisted residents at Aurora House with their finances and record keeping. She loved being of service to others. Besides all this, Sister volunteered her time for the daily Bread Run, Peace and Justice Committee, and as a volunteer at Toledo Hospital and St. Anne Hospital. She gave back to God her life of 83 years in her 62nd year of religious profession.
Sister Mary Madelena Pohlman
February 14, 1938- February 7, 2019

Sister Mary Madelena was known for her generous heart and gentle disposition, expressed in her love of nature, care of the poor, and dedication to the community. Sister served 21 years (1995-2016) in Pastoral Ministry of parishes in East Toledo: Holy Rosary, Sacred Heart, St. Stephen and St. Thomas Aquinas. Throughout her life Sister kept abreast of social justice issues and gave her heart for social justice causes and ministered to those in need. Sister died at the age of 80 in her 61st year of religious profession.
The Sisters of Notre Dame commend to your prayers the souls of their beloved sisters..
2019 Donor Appreciation Party
thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.
On September 19th, the SND Development team had the opportunity to thank all of our generous donors and celebrate with a night of music, cocktails & appetizers at our Lial Renewal Center.

We thank all of you for your continued support of the work and mission of the Sisters.

October 1st Founder's Day
On October 1 st , we celebrate the Founder’s Day of the Sisters of Notre Dame. This year is our first Founder’s Day Challenge, with a goal of reaching 1,000 donors and engaging over 2,000 students at our sponsored and affiliated schools! Celebrate the mission of The Sisters of Notre Dame and all they have done for our community.

 All proceeds collected during the challenge will help support our efforts in advancing the Sisters of Notre Dame in their ongoing mission.

Upcoming events @ Lial renewal center
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DINNER WITH DAD | October 15th, 10am-2pm

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