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Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee is founder of the nonprofit Co-Intelligence Institute ( and author of The Tao of Democracy, Empowering Public Wisdom, and Reflections on Evolutionary Activism. His work explores topics ranging from leadership, governance and economics to spirituality, dialogue, and activism - all derived from evolving wholeness and the role of human conversation in co-creating our world. His books have sold several thousand copies in more than a dozen countries and his articles have been published in dozens of alternative journals. His websites have tens of thousands of visitors every month and 1800 people subscribe to his free mailings. He has served on several nonprofit boards and consulted internationally.


His website is:  

April 17,  

5:30-7pm PT

Tom Atlee & Manju Lyn Bazzell   

Eminent Peacemakers Teleconference


April 10
   5:30-6:30pm PT   
(2nd Wed) 

April 24,  

5:30-6:30pm PT

(4th Wed)

 Circle Forum TeleCircle   





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From Manual for the Peacemaker
by Jean Houston 
and Peggy Rubin 
  "Living Democracy and Peace"  

The Great Peacemaker and Hiawatha worked with the people to create a way of living to sustain peace and democracy and meet the needs of all.

Weapons and enmity were buried beneath the Great Tree of Peace.

Peacemaker envisioned a watchful eagle atop the Great Tree of Peace, with eyes alert to the slightest sign of danger to the tree's roots, or, to peace.

The Great Peacemaker urged people to maintain friendships energetically. Bonds of community were designed to keep alliances strong, including:

.Living in the Longhouse; this required daily cooperation and fostered an ideal of sharing all resources equally.

.Adopting the Condolence Ceremony, to let go of old insults and wrongs. Mourning grief fosters sympathy & healing.

The Great Council empowered and governed the Confederacy. The Council - meeting under the Great Tree of Peace - included guidelines and checks and balances:

.Regular meetings

.Representatives from each tribe - with one vote for each tribe.

.Leadership: Two leaders for each tribe, with clear safeguards to assure they be servants of the people.

Set pattern for meetings of the Great Council.

.Open with thanksgiving.

.Songs commemorate League unity.

.Roll call of the tribes

.Proposals made holding wampum meant speaking truth; & no interruption.

.Disagreements were sent back to the point at which they arose.

.The Great Council was adjourned at nightfall to avoid raised tempers when tired.

Iroquois live democracy and peace daily, still.  


Last month we noted:  Without dissent, society would come to a halt. We wouldn't change or create or innovate. Circle makes it safe to Speak Up/Speak Out (see below). Tom Atlee joins us to share his approaches to give all voices expression AND achieve meaningful consensus for action -- the essence of democracy with peace.  In Joanna Macy's new book Active Hope, she thanks Tom for inspiration. Hear him on April 17.  

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Wednesday, April 17, 5:30 Pacific Time, dialogue with Tom Atlee and Manju Lyn Bazzell.
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Tom Atlee bio shot
Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee, our Eminent Peacemaker on April 17, founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute, will model his commitment to conversation and council in dialogue with Lyn Bazzel and Lauren Oliver, igniting our Peacemaker community with democratic praxis that embodies peace.  In his books
Empowering Public Wisdom
and The Tao of Democracy
and on his websites, his explorations range from leadership, governance and economics to spirituality, dialogue, and activism - all derived from his vision: evolving wholeness and the role of human conversation in co-creating our world.


 Manju Lyn Bazzell joins the dialogue, bringing experience as a talk show host, non-profit Executive Director, organizational consultant and award-winning inner-city schoolteacher. Her vision:

if we can imagine a better world, it is within our reach.  Serving

on Boards of Directors including The Co-Intelligence Institute, and featured in both INC. and Entrepreneur magazines, Manju's skills in large group processes, communications & person technologies bring co-intelligence to governance and economic systems.
Previous Speaker
Grandmother Agnes On March 20
Grandma Agnes Baker   
If you missed Grandma Aggie's talk,
Hear the recording on www.CirclesWork! Grandma Aggie spoke right up about the need for women to take their power and step into equality and into leadership. She described how tribal grandmothers were consulted before going to war. These are the decisions - life and death, and quality of life - that face us today, and require women to step up.  Grandmother urged us to take our rightful place, and gain support in circle to take action.    
Circle Forum - Output to Impact

Building a Circle of Connection  


Circle Forum in March brought a number of new folks together with some "regulars".  Participants were assertive, asking for 100% of what they wanted -- the way of circle.  Authentic expression of goals, needs, and feelings quickly unfolded.  A theme of loss -- of significant others, of parents, of grave illness -- showed up as shared by several.  A fascinating distinction was made by one participant: between self-mastery as emphasized in her yoga spiritual practice, and self-care, and nurturing in circle.  This resonated for another, who exercises mastery and works with powerful women; yet she is recognizing her hunger to share intimacy with women in her life: shared goals, shared vision, and mutual care.  She courageously spoke of the not-uncommon loneliness, craving a deeper connection.  A salute to these brave circle participants! 


Join the Circle Forum call (click here): an intimate circle experience, with time to deliberate upon your choices for impact.   

Speak Up and Speak Out

Did you know?  Drone Facts

  • 1)   There will be 30,000 drones in the sky in fewer than 20 years (FAA estimate)

    2)    Drones will be able to see through walls (by virtue of electromagnetic radar)

    3)    Drones will be able to recognize faces ("soft biometric recognition")

    4)    As of July '10, the Air Force identified 79 drone crashes, costing $1-Million each, not including "collateral damage."

    5)    Five-pound back-pack drones, now used by infantry soldiers for surveillance, will soon be deployed for "magic bullet" kamikaze missions. ("Kamikaze"...think about it! Who else will use them?)

    6)    Last year Boeing engineers and MIT students built an I-Phone app to control a drone up to 3,000 miles away.

    7)    Innocent civilians killed by drones since 2004 are estimated between 474 and 881 (Stanford-NYU report).

    8)    Drones are becoming the lethal weapon of choice, but nobody's in charge. Multiple drone-target "kill lists" are thought to exist. Top Secret America (2011) revealed three separate 'kill lists', kept by the National Security Council, the CIA, and the military's Joint Special Operations Command.

    9)    Other countries are catching up to the US. 680 drone programs are estimated underway around the world.

    10) Drone Future is here:  worldwide spending on unmanned aerial vehicles will double over the decade from $5.9 billion to $11.3 billion (estimates Teal Group consulting firm)  

Action Steps -  Thanks to Jefferson Parson:
1) Join, a coalition to monitor & regulate drones
2)Attend anti-drone rally in SF on April 13 at 12 pm at Powell and Market St (Powell St. BART)
3) Support Texas Congressman Ted Poe's bill Preserving American Privacy Act, which prohibits using drones to kill Americans.

See re "April Days of Action" to oppose drone surveillance and warfare. "This technology is not entrenched at this point.... people need to understand that this is a moment when they can preserve their rights."  See

Stories from the Field
GrandMother Circle   By Natascha Marks

Grandmothers Circle - renamed Southern Humboldt Women's Circle - was and is inspired by Grandmother Agnes.  It's a safe place for women of all stages of life to come and share their experiences and connect.   Over the 7+ years of our open circle, it draws a big range of ages. Last week, we spanned 24 years to 78 years. It's an honor to have the elder women share their more advanced wisdom. And I feel honored to have the younger ones trust us enough to ask our feedback with experiences that may be new for them.   I feel free to share both positive and negative aspects of my life.   It helps me to get feedback from other women I respect about difficult issues. We learn and use problem solving skills and make changes. I value the women who circle with us, who come to better themselves, to better their lives and make the world a better place. As we continue to meet, we grow in friendship, and we encourage one another to be our best. Before we depart, we express our love and appreciation for each other and the gifts we receive. I always leave with a lighter heart. 

Circle with friends
Manju Lyn Bazzell
Manju Lyn Bazzell 
Invite a friend to join the dialogue with Manju Lyn Bazzell and Tom Atlee. Spread the word. Together we are better!
Regular Call Schedule  
1) Eminent Peacemaker TeleConference each 3rd Wednesday.  Hold your pin for recurring calls, even w/ a different phone number from Maestro. Get a new pin any time by clicking on calls on the left.
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3) Circle Culture Carriers call, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, is for coach-practitioners: those in a circle who wish to help themselves or others start new circles.   


Thanks so much for your "pay-it-forward" $75 for this yearlong program.  Help us outreach and build circles!

I love hearing from you -- your circle news, your actions in community. I am seeking ways to place you more actively available to one another -- a technological solution for the Indra's Net of Circles, where the light of each of you is radiated and reflected in the facets of each circle blazing into love and action.   


Peace and Abbondanza in Circle,

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Lauren Jinshil Oliver
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