Tom Barrow Company is pleased to announce a partnership with Tradewinds Climate Systems to offer GREE VRF, Mini VRF, and ductless products for commercial applications in the Southeast.

Tradewinds Climate Systems is the exclusive distributor of GREE branded mini-splits in the U.S. and a select distributor of the complete GREE VRF product line. Through this partnership, Tom Barrow's GREE customers will be well supported in terms of VRF project design, installation, commissioning, and inventory availability.

“We’re excited to partner with Tradewinds to provide Gree’s product line to our customers. Tom Barrow Company has a reputation for unparalleled service, and we want to work with companies that share our focus on providing the right products that meet our customers’ needs and project demands.”

~ Mike Shea, President, Tom Barrow Company
About Tradewinds Climate Systems

Tradewinds Climate Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Watsco, Inc., the largest independent HVAC/R distribution company in the world.

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Tradewinds provides a pathway for global HVAC manufacturers to deliver innovative and unique products to the North American market. Tradewinds is the exclusive distributor in the United States for GREE, a global manufacturer of high-quality air-conditioning systems. Tradewinds delivers product across a wide range of channels including traditional wholesale distributors, e-marketplaces, and retail.
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