Tau Man of the Year Tom Chambers ’58 
Known as a Man on a Mission 
Tau Man of the Year Tom Chambers with his wife, Patricia, and son, Pete. 
Tom Chambers ’58 was celebrated as Kappa Sigma Tau Man of the Year at the Tau Trustee Reunion and Parents’ Weekend luncheon on November 9. 

An entrepreneur who was among the first to envision vast uses for chemical lime, Chambers founded Chemical Lime Company in 1966 in Clifton, Texas, growing it from a single rock quarry to the largest producer of lime in North America. 
“Tom is a great American story and a great man of Texas,” said his son, Pete Chambers, in his introduction of his father, whom he spoke of as his best friend and mentor. “He loves God, his family, his work, his employees, and his life. He is always reading and learning.” 

Pete spoke of his father as being a caring employer who would often walk through his workplace “to find workers doing things right — rather than doing things wrong — and acknowledge them for it.” 

Lifelong friend and Tau brother Steve “Cowboy” Murrin '59 described Chambers as “quietly present and strong in his standards, never loud or flashy.” 

Murrin recalled the early days of Chambers’ hard work in the lime quarry. “I remember his face and hands blistered from joining his workers scraping out a used kiln.” 

After serving as CEO for 30 years, Chambers sold Chemical Lime Company to Lhoist, a company in Belgium. He then formed a single-family investment company, Chambers Interests, seamlessly transitioning from a global industry leader in mineral mining operations to one in financial assets and private equity investments. 

In 2003, Chambers began taking mission trips to countries around the world, including Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, England, and India. A generous philanthropist, he continues to be an impact investor in charities and ministries throughout the world. He has also given generously to the capital campaigns to build the Kappa Sigma Lodge and Warren Residence Hall. 

“His ethics and capabilities have enhanced Fort Worth's and Texas’ reputation in business circles worldwide,” Murrin added. “Thomas Dabney Chambers is one you would pick to ride the river with.” 

Chambers graduated from the University of Texas with a B.B.A. in Finance in 1961 and earned a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law in 1963. 

He and his wife, Patricia, divide their time among their homes in Fort Worth, Santa Barbara and the Limerock Ranch in Clifton, Texas. They have four children and 10 grandchildren. 
Tau Man of the Year Tom Chambers ‘58 (center) with past Tau Man of the Year honorees Rob Lippincott ‘67, Joe Longley ‘63, Nick Kralj ’62, Jim Pritchett ‘71, Hagen McMahon ‘66, Bobby Stillwell ’56, Reggie Tuck ‘69, and Bob “Daddy-O” Wade ‘62
Tim Herman ‘63 (Tau Man honoree 1974) and
Johnny Cochran ‘61
Joe Bailey ’73 (Tau Man honoree 2005), Jim Pritchett ’71 (Tau Man honoree 2013), Ernie Taliaferro (House Director) and Bill Zwiener ‘73 (TKSEF Chairman)
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