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The Vicki
The Vicki has a screen that automatically plays videos about products the customer takes from the shelves.

Tom Murn, a longtime vending operator turned vending technology entrepreneur, will showcase the latest version of his Vicki machine at the upcoming NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas. The Vicki utilizes artificial intelligence to enable a more interactive customer experience.

Murn, owner of the Answer Group, a Farmingdale, New York based vending, micro market and refreshment services provider, introduced an earlier version of his machine at last year's NAMA OneShow.  The machine has since been upgraded based on input from last year's OneShow, and will be available for 
Tom Murn
Tom Murn has been working on his technology for several years.
purchase this June, according to ViaTouch Media , the company Murn formed to build and distribute the machine.

The Vicki allows shoppers to take products from a shelf and examine them before making a purchase. When a customer takes a product from the machine, a video screen above the machine's door automatically plays content related to the product. 

365 Retail Markets
USA Tech Expands
Micro markets can now integrate Seed Markets.
USA Technologies Inc. has expanded distribution of Seed Markets, its newly acquired micro market optimization solution. The cloud-based, mobile solution was introduced in March 2016 in a limited-test deployment, providing select micro market operators the same service efficiency tools that were already available to vending operators through Seed Pro and for office coffee operators through Seed Delivery.

With the implementation of the new NAMA standard on VDI VMS/MMS integration, USA Technologies now has the ability to accelerate the integration of Seed Markets with micro markets on which the NAMA standard has been implemented. The standard eliminates delays stemming from development work that would otherwise be needed to integrate Seed Markets with the various micro markets. 

The news comes on the heels of the company's recent addition of Seed Pro and Seed Office solutions to its cashless payment platform following its acquisition of Cantaloupe Systems in November. 

OptConnect NAMA Booth 122

Masterpass, PayRange Partner On Free Credit
PayRange users will receive up to $15 of free purchase credits.
PayRange, a mobile solutions provider for vending and other self-service machines, has teamed with Masterpass, a digital wallet app from MasterCard, to allow U.S. PayRange users to receive up to $15 worth of free credit. 

Consumers can install the PayRange app to make purchases from vending machines. The customer can swipe their smartphone's screen to complete the purchase 

PayRange and MasterCard began partnering on Masterpass in 2017. Beginning on March 1, 2018, the companies will offer "fund $5 with Masterpass and get $5." For a limited time, U.S. customers who use Masterpass to fund their PayRange account with $5 or more will automatically receive a $5 bonus credit.
Stock By Parlevel App Makes Drivers Efficient

Stock by Parlevel Systems
Stock by Parlevel eliminates the driver's need for paper.
Stock by  Parlevel, a free mobile vending app, lets drivers view their daily routes, service machines, adjust inventory, create service tickets and more.

Stock is a micro market, office coffee and vending app that ties into Parlevel's VMS, but is optimized for mobile operations. The app helps drivers service their routes more efficiently and faster than ever. It eliminates jotting notes on paper, changing inventory without recording it, or simply tossing away damaged product.

Operators can monitor their drivers and keep them accountable. Plus, instead of purchasing handhelds to service machines in the field, operators can let drivers use Stock on their existing mobile phones or tablets - saving thousands of dollars in the process.
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