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eNews #254
6th January 2021
Events & Exhibitions
Practice makes perfect and every stroke counts. We will be drawing from live models in a variety of classical poses and graphic depictions of homoeroticism and nudity.
Through 10th January
Stockholm, Sweden
Final week!
Sometimes they were dressed in suits, sometimes nothing at all. One example is when Tom and Robert Mapplethorpe took each other’s pictures, that Tom later used to draw Mapplethorpe’s portrait.
News & Announcements
From a framed picture of a ‘jock’ (why not?) to a sofa cushion with a flaccid penis on (again, why not?) to two motorcycles having sex, the winning entries of the 2020 Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Contest are among the sexiest and most outlandish ever.
Author F. Valentine Hooven III explains quite often in this biography – which was finished just before Tom’s death – how dangerous the mere creation of his art was for Tom of Finland: literally, many times, the drawings could have gotten him jailed or killed.
Interior designer Orlando Soria placed an oil painting and a study by Denver-based artists Shawn Huckins and Joel Swanson, in the living room, and an painting by Mark Beard in the bedroom. Kenworthy has an original Tom of Finland sketch, as well as several works by Andy Warhol.
We should say here that the art really runs the gamut: They’re pieces that depict everything from fisting, rimming, and restraints, to public group cruising. It’s all par for the course for true Tom of Finland fans who have come to expect the bawdy content.
"We visited TOM House a couple of years back. Durk Dehner, the partner of the late Finnish artist, was a gracious host along with the rest of the Tom of Finland family. On the last day there, we decided on a whim to go to a Dolly Parton concert at the Hollywood Bowl..."
It's been quite a year celebrating Tom's 100th, and we've got the pictures to prove it.
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