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eNews #255
11th February 2021
Events & Exhibitions
Join us this Valentine’s Day for our Drawing Session. We will be drawing from live models in a variety of classical poses and graphic depictions of homoeroticism and nudity.
Through 6th March
It's a cornucopia of body types, shapes, ages, colors, sexualities, genders, kinks, and fetishes — all united by a shared spirit of sex-positivity. The new 2021 HUMP! Film Festival is a livestream event!
In this installment we peek behind the velvet curtain at the archives. Marc Ransdell-Bellenger guides us through the return of Tom of Finland works from Japan: the pieces that comprised the Reality & Fantasy show that was held in both Tokyo and Osaka in 2020. 
News & Announcements
Herzog’s project of recovery, reinvention, and reinscription works toward creating historical evidence of our existence within records that hold and share the complexities of our collective memory, the totality of our trans bodies, experiences, cultures, histories, and lives.
In 2002, Tom of Finland Foundation gave Flynt our Lifetime Achievement Award for his longtime fight to protect First Amendment rights. Larry Flynt is seen here with Ron Athey and J. A. Rob Halford at the awards ceremony.
“If I don’t get a hard on while I’m working, then I know the drawing won’t be good.” – Tom of Finland

It is especially illuminating to see documentation of how he formed his beliefs about erotic art and shared them with the world.
It warms our heart to see these photos.

Are you delighted with your copy of TOM OF FINLAND: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero? Feel free to share your enjoyment with others.
Drawing on life experiences and inspired by Internet communities, Huxtable strives to create safe spaces, address anxieties, and cultivate a sense of inclusivity through her work. Huxtable constructs hybrid human-creature avatars as manifestations of her fluid gender and sexual identity.
TOM OF FINLAND: Leather Bar Initiation won Best Fetish Scene at the 2021 GayVN Awards!

Produced by MEN.com and directed by Terry Miller. With Kurtis Wolfe, Jaxx Thanatos, Nate Grimes and Dirk Caber.
Tom of Finland Foundation proudly presented awards to stellar individuals who have demonstrated their vast commitment to our community." ToFF is honored to have the opportunity to recognize these influential individuals who have, and continue to, shape the world in which we live.”
Five years ago this month, David Kordansky Gallery opened Early Work 1944 - 1972, the inaugural exhibition of Tom of Finland's work surveying the artist's formative years across fifteen works.

In view in the exhibit was a masterful 1947 gouache in which Tom both flouts and acknowledges prejudices towards homosexuality at the time with the depiction of a commanding, strong-jawed figure discreetly pleasuring his companion.
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