Hey Crew,
Pretzel sweeps, Lumberjack Jams with Tomahawks & Knives!

Sound fun?
All that plus 5, count 'em, 5 video clips.

Oh, and an observation regarding the science of "Being Lost."

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Mark Hatmaker
Extreme Self Protection

Mark Hatmaker demos a Corksrew Toe-Hold
Mark Hatmaker demos a Corksrew Toe-Hold

Mark Hatmaker One for the Money Shrug
Mark Hatmaker One for the Money Shrug

Mark Hatmaker Demos a Pretzel Sweep
Mark Hatmaker Demos a Pretzel Sweep

The Wrestler's Guard "Hands-on-Deck" Series & Lumberjack Jams for Tomahawk & Bowie

Crew, this new RAW is old school technical flow.
The Sales Pitch
I'll let the syllabus do the talking [with the bullet-point details redacted and of course no video] but this should give you an idea as to how Pragmatic this ABC/123 flow is.
Bottom Scissors vs. "Hands on Deck"
Lazy Kangaroo DWL-Acute Angle
Lazy Kangaroo-Obtuse Angle
The ½ Heist Solo 90-Degree Drill
½ Heist to DWL Solo
½ Heist DWL w/ Partner
[Blocked Responses-Posted Head & Clasps Hands Behind Back]
Pretzel Sweep
Full Heist Solo Drill
Full Heist w/ Partner
Kick Heist vs. Post
Dive DWL vs. Hand-Post
[The ½ Heist, Full Heist, DWL, & Pretzel Sweep are meant to be all of one Mobius Combination.]
[Responses vs. a Drive w/ Head-Underarm]
Pull-Crank Guillotine [Full-Neck Exposure Option]
Bar & Chancery Sweep vs. Incomplete Grip
To Sit-Out ½ Stocks
Arm-In Guillotine w/ "South Pole" Kick [1/2 Neck Exposure Option]
Chancery & Overhook Kick-Sweep vs. Incomplete Grip
½ Stocks Sweep [Non-Encircled Option]

Lumberjack Jams for Tomahawk & Bowie
The One-on-One Lumberjack Tomahawk Jam Free-Drill
w/ Hook or Hammer Follow-Up
The One-on-One Lumberjack Jam for Bowie Free-Drill
w/ Hook or Hammer Follow-Up
The Melee Jam w/ Tomahawk Free-Drill
The Melee Jam w/ Bowie Free-Drill

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Lost Behavior & Circles

Mark Hatmaker

Jan Souman and Marc Ernst of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics demonstrate the human propensity for circling when lost. Sighted individuals do not "think" they are making a series of random or recursive circles, they deduce that they are indeed "getting somewhere."
* The effect is especially stark when the researchers added blindfolds. Subjects quickly fell into a circle/recursive loop pattern of an approximate 66' diameter.
* Subjects thought they were going straight or "straightish" but alas...
* Without a cognitive destination and the observational skills to apply constant reckoning and back-bearings the human being will be lost, the human being will circle, all the while assuming 100% correctitude.
* The question to ask is "Is the mental habit/behavior any different from the physical correlate?"
* That is, in daily lives where personal goals and professional yardsticks are the "destinations" if we do not make daily waypoints, take course adjusting bearings or worse yet have no idea where we're going at all, do we circle in the cognitive sphere and assume we are fine just as the blindfolded subjects did?
* Would you even Know?


Reckoning Questions to Address Potential "Circling" 

* Do you have goals/destinations?
* Have you a preconceived course as to how to reach these destinations?
* Do you travel these planned paths daily?
* Do you make course corrections for the inevitable obstacle, the unexpected marshland in the way that must be by-passed, the Covid-19 that altered your group activity to solo training for a bit?
* Conversely, without a goal or daily corrections to reach a stated destination do you circle back to non-destination behaviors?
* Refresh that browser more than a few times per day, check statuses more than you would check your physical mailbox?
* Watch re-runs or variations of the same film, TV shows, read the same book with different titles?
* Have remarkably similar conversations with different current events buzzwords plugged in Mad-Libs style?
* Utter variations of the same promise that "You'll do better tomorrow or next week" when you realize you aren't up to what you consider is your personal snuff?

* I wager the internal cognitive circles are analogous to the circles of the physically lost.
* If you accept this, well, now you have a solution. Break out that Life & Dream Map, set clear destinations, plan wise courses to get there, walk those trails daily, adjust to and overcome obstacles as they arise and keep on walking.
* Circles are for the blind and the lost.

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Mark Hatmaker Demos The Kick Draw for Weapons
Mark Hatmaker Demos The Kick Draw for Weapons

Video Clip of the Week
Mark Hatmaker demos a Lumberjack Jam
Mark Hatmaker demos a Lumberjack Jam

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