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June 2021
Garden News
Tomato Bottom Rot: Causes & Solutions
That nasty, dry sunken decay on the blossom end of your tomato plant got you frustrated? You’ve staked, tied, and babied those plants like a pro. Unfortunately, those red beauties have probably been stricken with blossom end rot. Don’t lose hope! We’ll lay out a few tips that alleviate and prevent this from happening to you.
Lawn & Pasture
Hay Baling Supplies
From bale spears to bale wrappers, whatever your hay needs are, Farmers Co-op has the hay baling supplies you need!
Mosquito Eradicator 
Pick up the Mosquito Eradicator at your local Coop. Chemical free, just add water! And did we mention, it REALLY works?
Gallagher Fencing
Need a new fence or repair an existing fence? Come see us at the Coop for Gallagher fencing components and parts.
Pet Food
Shop for Pet Food at The Coop
Stop by Farmers Coop and shop our expanded pet food department, for premium pet foods such as Victor and Diamond. We've added to our selection of pet foods to include formulas for every pet's needs. So whether your dog is an athlete, an aging adult, or your fuzzy, furry baby, rest assured at Farmer's Coop, we've got a pet food formula that's perfect for him. If your fur baby goes meow, we've got new formulas of food for her too! Shop Farmers Coop for pet food and supplies. Selection varies by location.
River Valley Store Spotlight
NEW Warehouse in Van Buren
Have you seen our new warehouse in Van Buren? In the spring of 2020, we broke ground on our new state-of-the-art warehouse. Less than a year later, on January 25th, 2021, we were open for business. Located off of Highway 282, the new building is home to 75,000 square feet of warehouse space, offices, and additional storage, with plenty of undeveloped land to grow on. 

2020 had its share of supply challenges. With the new space, we’ll be better prepared to handle shortages and shipping delays in the future. 
River Valley Happenings
Regional Newsletters
Did you know Farmers Co-op sends out regional newsletters? If you'd like to read what's going on in different regions of the state, update your newsletter delivery preferences.
Spring Pond Stocking
Need fish for your pond? Arkansas Pondstockers and Stock My Pond fish trucks offer convenient fish stock deliveries to locations in Eastern Oklahoma and the River Valley.