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July 22, 2011  

Tomatoes, corn, peaches and watermelon - oh my!


This edition of our Bucks County Taste e-newsletter is full of articles on enjoying the bounty of summer, complete with recipes and picking tips.


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Let's not even go there. I am so sick of talking, thinking, feeling and expressing myself about this "lovely" weather. Onward!  


The vegetables seem to be enjoying the weather, although we do very much need rain. Tomatoes are showing up, all blushing and red. Corn abounds. Peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots. And you'll also find at [...] 


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Pasta on a cool summer evening

Pasta Caprese We had planned for salad caprese. Fresh mozzarella - check. Basil - check. Beautiful, multi-colored heirloom tomatoes from the farm - check.

But then the weather turned cool and rainy and I just wanted something warmer. Then I remembered seeing a recipe on
Cook's Illustrated for a Pasta Caprese. Perfect. Easy and great for late summer when the tomatoes are still luscious. I do recommend using fresh mozzarella if it is at all possible. Enjoy!


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Corn With corn season upon us, my mouth begins to water at the thought of some of my favorite corn recipes. There's Mexican-style Grilled Corn (courtesy of Cooks Illustrated, too).  


Then there's a great soup recipe, Squash, Corn & Coconut Soup, which I got by way of Chef Karen McGinn.  


And finally, the piece de r�sistance, Macque Choux, a kind of Cajun version of creamed corn - although it is nothing like your Grandmother's creamed corn. It's got to be tasted to be believed.


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A circus in your mouth

Peaches from Tall Pines Farm, Rushland, PAby guest blogger Rich Baringer


 Peaches are one of my favorite fruits.  But there is nothing more disappointing than biting into a dry, mealy, bland peach.  And so, I present to you tips for finding a peach that will make you very happy.  


Peaches, a member of the rose family (along with apricots, cherries, plums and almonds), don't ripen after they are picked (although they do get softer).  So it's important to choose fruit that is already ripe.


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Spit it out!


by guest blogger Rich Baringer


Watermelon It's just about time for watermelons to start appearing in our local farm markets.  In many ways, watermelon seems like the all-American fruit-a staple at our summer picnics.  It actually originated in Africa where it was cultivated by the Egyptians.  It wasn't until the 1600's that it was introduced to the rest of the world.  Today, there are about 1200 varieties of the fruit.


First, let me admit that I'm not usually a big fan of watermelon.  The reason, though, is because it's so rare that you actually taste one that is sweet and juicy and refreshing.  So many times, watermelons are bland and taste like, well, water.  A really ripe and flavorful melon is a different story.


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