Issue No. 236 | Feb. 24, 2022
Strengthening American Capacity for Effective Engagement
俗语 from Hua Chunying
Breaking with an eight-year tradition of reporting only on Xi Jinping suyus, we felt this one from Hua Chunying needed to be highlighted.

shǐ zuò yǒng zhě

Meaning: creator of bad precedent, the person who first made tomb figures

Original: 现在问题的关键是,作为当前乌克兰局势紧张的始作俑者,美方在这场危机中扮演了什么角色?发挥了什么作用?如果有人一边火上浇油,一边指责别人救火不力,这种行为是不负责任的,也是不道德的。

Source: In her February 23, 2022 press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesperson 华春莹, in response to the first question asked to her about tensions in Ukraine, managed to avoid mentioning Russia and blamed the United States for stoking tensions. Find her remarks here:

This is a corrected version of the earlier newsletter, which may have implied that Hua didn't mention Russia during the rest of the press conference. She did, and then made detailed remarks about why the U.S. is to blame.
Weekly Reading
This week's reading is very short, but important. Wang Yi held a phone call with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov where Wang stated that he understands Russia's "legitimate security concerns" ("理解俄方在安全问题上的合理关切"). We are not going to keep you up to date on everything that the Chinese government says on this issue, but as events continue to unfold in real time it is critical to pay attention to Wang Yi and Hua Chunying's words.
Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center Hiring
Want to move to the West Coast? (If you are already there, we envy you.)

Stanford is looking for an associate director for the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center:

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