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Who Will Be Georgia's Next Senator?

Democrats are eager for their first Senate win since Zell Miller retired in 2004, and Stacey Abrams may be the foremost contender after her narrow defeat in the race for governor. But some other prominent Democrats are also weighing a bid.

At the top of that list is Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, who has presented herself as a progressive who can also appeal to parts of rural Georgia where Democrats got clobbered in the midterm.

“In the 2020 race, Democrats have an opportunity to demonstrate how progressive policies bridge the gap between metro Atlanta and the rest of Georgia,” says Teresa Tomlinson. “We are looking for a senator well-steeped in both communities – a senator who understands how to be accessible and make the federal government work for, not against, Georgians.”
Teresa Tomlinson on Considering a Run for Senate

WRBL | Dec. 5

During a recent interview, Tomlinson sounded like a candidate for the Senate seat.

“. . . I am going to look and see if this is my time in this moment for the state and I think that is what every candidate should do,” Tomlinson said. “So, I am not really looking at where Stacey or any of the other very formidable candidates are in this process. Because I figure all that will shake out eventually and the ones who are meant to be there will be there.”
Lessons Washington Could Learn –
How Columbus Reformed Its Budget 
Teresa Tomlinson, Mayor of the City of Columbus, talked to The Columbus CEO about the challenges involved in the recession the city went through.
Tomlinson on Leadership
“You never know where life is going to take you, so give into the current that’s pulling you. Often the current that’s pulling you is probably because your passion and your talent is making people notice that particular thing about you.” – Teresa Tomlinson

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