T omlinson Talks Legacy And Georgia Primary Politics: Are We Seeing Georgia Shift Toward Purple?
Mayor of Columbus Teresa Tomlinson Reflects on Her Legacy
Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson talks about a legacy of transformation and a vision for the city she has led for two terms.
Game On: A Great Night for Women Candidates in Georgia's Primary!
Tomlinson writes for Voters are looking for progressive candidates, particularly women, and they are finding them in Georgia.
Teresa Tomlinson Welcomes Political Rewind to Columbus : Let The Civil Discussion, Good Natured Jabs and Entertaining Debate Begin!
Columbus recently welcomed the Political Rewind panel and a lively discussion ensured! Is Columbus Kemp or Cagle country? How will Stacey Abrams fare as the governor's race heads to November? Why won't Trump fund Isakson's Veteran's bill. And, what's up with Pruitt and Chick-Fil-A?
Is there a Democratic shifting of the bell curve occurring. Could Georgia be headed to the center,... or maybe left of center?
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