June 23, 2020
Little Things Mean A Lot #53
Whitewares are a class of ceramics that are usually used for sanitary purposes such as toilets, bathroom fixtures, and tableware. Ceramic tiles are sometimes included in this category also. Whiteware ceramics usually have a white body, as the name would suggest, and are often glazed. Many whitewares are based on porcelain compositions, which usually contain kaolin, feldspar and flint, and are highly vitrified to achieve a smooth surface and low porosity that is easy to clean.
Upcoming Events
PLEASE NOTE: The August Short Course has been canceled.

June 27 – July 1: ASHRAE Virtual Conference

July 29: 3D Printing Special Shapes from Clay or Shale Webinar

Aug 26: Extrusion, Additives and Rheometry Webinar

Oct 5: NBRC Advisory Board Fall Meeting, Anderson, SC, USA

Oct 6 – 7: 66th Annual Clemson Brick Forum

Oct 25: Thermal Performance Presentation, ACI Conference, Raleigh NC

Nov 4: Capillary Absorption and IRA Webinar

Dec 8 – 10: ASTM C15 Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA

Jan 23 – 27: ASHRAE Conference, Chicago, IL, USA
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