Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Yesterday, Governor Dunleavy announced his budget vetoes, including cuts to the school funding increase, UA projects, capital projects, Head Start funding, maintenance of K-12 school buildings, rural public radio funding, and more. It is a lot to process, and we are still trying to understand the implications of these cuts.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding the vetoes? You can call Governor Dunleavy at (907) 465-2500

Please join us tomorrow, June 21st from 12-1pm for our weekly coffee and conversation. Let’s work together.

Anchorage LIO - 1500 W. Benson Blvd, Room 325

The Governor made 46-line-item vetoes 


22 lines of Capital Budget: $58,990,000

22 lines of Operating Budget: $143,875,000

2 lines of the Mental Health Operating Budget: $500,000

Department of Early Education and University of Alaska Budget Cuts

$145,056,800 ~ 70.9%

DEED $108,671,500

UA $36,685,300

Items we heard public testimony supporting

  • Community Assistance Fund-$30,000,000
  • Marine Vessel Operations-$10,000,000 (*funding to be evaluated after federal grant)
  • Public Radio-$1,000,000
  • Reentry Housing-$750,000
  • Chugach State Parks Improvements-$336,000 
  • Community Based Child Care Grants -$250,000
  • Mental Health Trust Continuum of Care Grants:
  • Emergency-$167,000
  • Behavioral Health And Treatment Recovery-$330,000

I am in favor of the House Minority Alaska calling for a vote for a Special Session to override the Governor vetoes. We need 2/3 vote to be successful for a Special session and then a 3/4 vote in order to override. It is a stretch but we know the majority of Alaskans in our state, no matter their party, would like to see education funded and successful.

We will have more to share on that very soon.  

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