Virtual Band Practice
Friday, June 5, Noon-1:00 EDT

In light of today's complex moment, we feel that coming together to sing and play Bill Withers' beautifully sad and hopeful song Lean On Me .

This is an ongoing stimulate collaboration among researchers, data scientists, engineers, and musicians. Our diverse community welcomes participation from across all groups and silos.

At this complex time, we would like to share our outrage at recent events, and invite you to gather with us in a safe virtual space. To create the world where all of us can thrive, we need everyone's voice.

Register for Access to Your Musician's Kit
When you Register , you will receive a link to a Shared Folder in Google Docs

Start with the How To Notes , which includes Lyrics , and some useful links. You'll also find a How To Video , a Backing Track , and Parts .

When we meet online, ( Friday, Noon-1 EDT* ) we will get to know each other, walk through the process, and prepare you for recording you part(s).

These materials, and our leadership, are prepared by Rick and Frank Rein, versatile musicians who play and teach widely- Reggae, Balkan Dance, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Pop.

They will guide you and will edit together our videos.

Since the pandemic began, we have been sharing opportunities to gather with no stress, a chance to mark the end of another “interesting” week and enjoy some fruitful breathing.

Since we launched Westchester Biotech Project in 2017, we have been asking Attendees at many of our programs whether they play a musical instrument. Dozens of you have noted your instrument and styles, which range from alto sax to zither. It’s been a back burner idea to bring folks together to make music in person. 

*Please Note:
Even if the time doesn't work for you, register and we’ll reach out as things progress.

We appreciate your feedback, and look forward to hearing from you!
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