Community Creativity Circle - Sat, Oct 31 at 10am MST
Duration: a one hour free session via ZOOM
Theme: EXPLORING LEGACY in metaphor & movement
Dear friends, faraway and close.

It snowed here in Santa Fe and afterwards, some thoughts emerged on the theme of our next community circle tomorrow - LEGACY what roots, what ancestors, what mists, what clarity, what calls, what follows - a short VIDEO above.

If you have questions about the Guided Community Circle, have a look at FAQ below.

The Community Circle is a free offering in resonance with Halloween, Día de Muertos, Samhain - endings, beginnings - like that, aisa, así

Feel free to share this with others who may find it of interest.  Our Facebook page is here, aquí, idhar.

in solidarity - Shebana
TO PARTICIPATE in the Community Circle reply to this email with a Jee Haan, Yes, or a Sí or an Affirmative of your choice! I'll send the Zoom invite on Friday evening
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How does a guided creativity circle work?

​The session is facilitated by a moderator, in this case, me - Shebana Coelho - who guides the group through a series of invitations and offerings - I read poems, songs & stories, share visualizations, breathing exercises, small movements/stretches and invite participants to respond in writing, speaking, sounds and movement.

What is the purpose of these circles?

I began these sessions when the pandemic began, feeling that I wanted to co-create a safe space to be still and yet journey, to express ourselves in healing metaphor and movement.

I imagine these sessions as an oasis, a time out of time to feel nurtured, creative, playful, inspired....

All my work is about empowering freedom and creativity - so fears and borders dissolve, the sound of our own voices emerge and we step into our shared belonging to land, story, and spirit.

I was also inspired by the loss of my plans to be in Spain - we had a series of beautiful Faraway is Close workshops planned in a magic mountain town in Granada. I say inspired by loss and mean that - sometimes loss can provoke unexpected beauty - así es, aisa hai, it happens like that.

What is Faraway is Close?

Faraway is Close is the umbrella for all my work as a performer and workshop facilitator: resonant cross cultural experiences that connect us to different cultures and also to
what feels distant within us, the stories under the skin, indigenous to each of us,
the stories only we can tell.

In the alchemy of such encounters, I believe, there is resonance, guidance, and healing - for ourselves and the communities we call home. Read more

Will I have to share what I create within the session?

There are moments in the session when yes, you are invited to share what you have written or spoken or sounded or embodied. You don't have to - though it's lovely when you do because what you share grows the group and our connections. Please know that you are among friends. I believe fresh writing, newly created is a tender thing and I strive to create an atmosphere in which feedback is shared kindly and with great care. Read testimonials from other workshops

However nurturing a group may be, I prefer individual sessions-is that possible?

What kinds of people have participated in the session?

All kinds of human animals have been part of these sessions - and in small and large numbers- from four to fifteen. They include writers, dancers, bodywork practitioners, retired engineers, national parks workers, folklorists, educators, singers, actors, free spirits, industrious souls, those who defy definitions and more....

I'm curious about what participants have written in other community circles ...

Can I invite friends to the community circles?

Yes, please do! You can FORWARD this email and/or also SHARE the Faraway is Close FACEBOOK PAGE.

If you have any other questions, please reach out and I'll be glad to respond.

adelante con arte, onwards with art-making

what is the story only you can tell about the
just begun or don't have the words for yet?
I'd love to help you excavate the vision, help it find voice, vapor, texture...