As we are in the midst of gift-giving season, remember that we each have gifts to give to the world and ways in which we can offer ourselves to one another that don't cost a dime. For example, especially these days, kindness, patience, compassion and a simple smile can go a loooong way to friends, family and strangers alike.

Such small gestures can truly turn around someone's day or relieve them of any stress or despair, and that is priceless. And of course there is the gift of giving someone your presence, of acknowledging their humanity, of holding space and listening. Our focus, time and energy are things we don't give enough value to or even realize we or others are lacking, with the average attention span greatly diminished since the advent of technology - and/or many people not being able to be present for themselves, so how could they be there for others?

And if you are reading this, know that you possess the greatest gift one can have: Being here, alive in the physical world. That's an easy one to forget, especially when things get tough! Take a breath. Feel your heartbeat. Be here now and operate from that place, knowing that with each moment today you are creating your tomorrow. That means that each one of our thoughts, feelings and actions combined are what is creating the collective future, so choose wisely and don't hide your gifts. We are counting on you <3

Today's PGG reflects many of these themes, and the PGG Video of the Week talks about how to know who you are and why it's important. This week's Instagram post is a reminder that your time and your energy is your most precious resource. And in today's PGG Vibe of the Week Earth, Wind Fire reminds you you're a Shining Star.

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