Hello Oakland,

Tonight join us for our virtual Town Hall at 6 p.m. on my social media channels Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , and YouTube (with closed captioning).

As always, you can submit your questions right now in advance here .

This week we’re going in depth with our guests to discuss racial health disparities, the Oakland Slow Streets initiative, and our schools .

We’ll be joined by Dr. Tony Iton , Senior Vice President of the California Endowment. You can read Dr. Iton’s powerful op-ed on COVID-19 health disparities in the Sacramento Bee, here .

We’ve also heard a lot of questions about our Slow Streets initiative and we want to give you a lot of answers. We’ll hear from Warren Logan , Policy Director of Mobility and Interagency Relations, Office of the Mayor.

And we’ll also be joined by Curtiss Sarikey , Chief of Staff, Oakland Unified School District, who can give us updates on the school district and distance learning.

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We will also answer your questions live, so please you tune in and join the discussion.
As Oaklanders, we must ensure that all families have access to support, no matter where they came from or how they got here.

I’m proud Governor Newsom launched a statewide fund that can also be accessed by our undocumented families.

Here in Oakland, concerned families can also contact Central Legal de la Raza for critical resources.

The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate but it will impact the most vulnerable more than others.

Let’s continue to share our local and state resources to support all families.
Finally, as we all learn new ways to celebrate old traditions, the City of Oakland is celebrating its 50 th Earth Day with “50 Ideas From Home” – fun ways you and your family can celebrate the majesty of our environment and planet while sheltering in place.

You can learn how to calculate your carbon footprint , conduct fun science projects with kids , or learn how to build rain barrels .

These are the kinds of creative adjustments I see Oaklanders make every day during the shelter in place order. We are flattening the curve, and we are seeing signs of progress – and we all need to continue our social distancing practices.

And I’ll continue to feel gratitude for every Oaklander’s resilience.

Be well,