TONIGHT: Your Pain Free Neck
Today: Earlybird Deadline for Next Week's Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method
Sunday, May 27th: Feldenkrais for Dancers
Thursday, May 31st: Relax Your Shoulders and Arms 
JUNE: Two Extraordinary Workshops with Alan Questel
Coming Up
Choice with Alan Questel
The Challenge of Pleasure with Alan Questel
Tonight: Your Pain Free Neck
Earlybird Deadline Today: Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method
Feldenkrais for Dancers: Fundamentals of Technique
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Marek's workshop, Your Pain-Free Neck, is tonight. If you're available, feel free to stop by. Advanced registration is not necessary. Keep in mind that attendance at tonight's workshop will grant you a 20% discount off the registration fee for Marek's companion workshop on May 31st, Relax Your Shoulders and Arms.

Today is the earlybird deadline for Tamala's Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method evening to be held a week from tonight. Let your friends in on your secret... tell them about the Feldenkrais Method. Tamala provides a wonderful introduction to our work. If you haven't attended one of her intro workshops, come on out and see for yourself.

On Sunday, May 27th, Anat will offer a full-day workshop, Feldenkrais for Dancers: Fundamentals of Technique. Anat has a long history as a dancer and she's a terrific Feldenkrais teacher. If you're a dancer, Anat's workshop will be a unique and enjoyable way to improve technique. If you know anyone who dances, please let them know about this unusual opportunity.

Just a reminder about guest trainer Alan Questel's workshops coming in June, Choice and The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge. If for some reason you missed my special e-mail devoted exclusively to Alan's upcoming workshops, check your e-mail inbox. You received it at around 7:30 am this past Saturday. Details on all of our May workshops and on Alan's June workshops are below. We'll let you know the rest of what we have coming up in June in next week's newsletter.

To sign up online for any of our daily ATM classes, click here. To purchase books and audio programs, click here.These links are also accessible via our website.


As always, thanks so much for reading.  We hope to see you soon.


All the best,


Mark Hirschfield  

Feldenkrais Institute of NY

Coming in June
Choice with Alan Questel


Did you ever wish you had more choices available to you? Maybe you do; maybe you aren't looking in the right places. Sometimes it's right under your nose, waiting to be revealed. In this evening workshop with guest Feldenkrais Trainer Alan Questel, we will explore choice: investigating and discovering new ways of creating them.

Alan Questel has a true gift for creating processes, exercises and workshops that beautifully utilize and, at the same time, illuminate the Feldenkrais Method. I've taken three of Alan's workshops, all of which have been educational, which I expected, and they've also been fun, which I've now come to count on. What I've learned has always stayed with me long after the workshop has ended. Alan is a terrific teacher.

-Mark Hirschfield

Date: Thursday, June 14
Times: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Early Bird Tuition: $60.00 through Thu, June 07.
Regular Tuition: $70.00
Member Tuition: $40.00
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
(212) 727-1014
Register for Choice and The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge
and receive 10% off the registration fees for both workshops. You must call 212-727-1014 to register with the combined discount.


Coming in June
The Challenge of Pleasure; 
the Pleasure of Challenge
a Two-Day Feldenkrais Method Workshop with Alan Questel




The Feldenkrais Institute is very excited to bring internationally acclaimed Feldenkrais Teacher Alan Questel to New York City for this special two-day public workshop.  Did you ever think it could be a challenge for you to have more pleasure in your life? Or could you imagine experiencing greater pleasure when you are faced with a challenge? Pleasure and challenge, experiences that are too often exclusive of each other, will be the focus of this two-day workshop.


Utilizing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons you will safely and enjoyably inquire into your own process. The result will be an enhancement of your understanding of what you feel, how you relate and how you respond to the challenge of finding more pleasure in your life and the pleasure of meeting a challenge.


Date: Sat and Sun, June 16th and 17th
Times: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Early Bird Tuition: $160 through Sat, June 02.
Regular Tuition: $190
Member Tuition: $(20% off the above rates)
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001 

(212) 727-1014


Register for Choice and The Challenge of Pleasure, the Pleasure of Challenge
and receive 10% off the registration fees for both workshops. You must call 212-727-1014 to register with the combined discount.
Your Pain-Free Neck

with Marek Wyszynski

Tuesday, May 15th
Part II: Relax Your Shoulders and Arms
Coming May 31st!


When your neck hurts, everything suffers; from productivity and sleep, to balance and mood. Our head, neck, shoulders and arms move easily and comfortably when supported properly by the skeleton. But when your skeletal support is compromised, the muscles of your neck and shoulders become overburdened, exhausted, stiff and painful. In fact, tension in the neck and shoulders can also cause pain and stiffness in the hands, jaw, ribs, back, and head. 

This three-hour Feldenkrais workshop will introduce you to a gentle and intelligent way to improve the coordination of your neck and shoulders with the rest of your body. It's a small investment of your time and attention, that can yield great results. You'll learn to protect your neck in every day movements while turning, walking, reaching and sitting. The emphasis will be on giving you practical tools for recovering from, and avoiding neck pain. Participants will learn how to:

  • Relax your neck safely and easily.
  • Discover how your feet, hips, chest and abdomen can help to relieve the muscles of your neck and shoulders.
  • Integrate the movements of your spine and pelvis in order to protect your neck and shoulders.
  • Restore the pleasurable patterns of turning, bending and lengthening to your natural repertoire of movement.

Participants in Your Pain Free Neck on May 15th will receive 20% off the tuition for Relax your Shoulders and Arms on May 31st. Please call the Institute at (212) 727-1014 for this discount.


Date: Tuesday, May 15th
Times: 6:30 - 9:30 pm 
Regular Tuition: $60.00
Member Tuition: $30.00


To Register Online with a 5% Discount, click here.


Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 West 26th Street, 2nd Floor

Earlybird Deadline Today!

Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method: The "Intro" Workshop for Everyone!
with Tamala Bakkensen


Some of the underlying concepts of the Feldenkrais Method are unusual and surprising. For example, Feldenkrais exercises improve the body without stretching, or muscular effort. The movements are remarkably gentle, and done slowly, which contradicts almost every other physical exercise modality. With the Feldenkrais Method, improvements can seem to take place magically, easily, and often immediately. But why? How exactly does this remarkable form of exercise and treatment work? And, what can you do to increase it's effectiveness, and to preserve its benefits for the longest possible time?


We are excited to offer a new three-hour workshop designed to answer these fascinating questions for both the new and experienced user of the Feldenkrais Method. This special workshop will include explanation and experience for both the newcomer, and those who have already experienced the Feldenkrais Method.


Participants will:

  • Experience the physical and emotional benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.
  • Learn some underlying theory and supporting science behind the method.
  • Learn why, in a Feldenkrais exercise, less is more.
  • Discover powerful ways to support your brain's learning process.
  • Improve integration of benefits gained during a Feldenkrais exercise.

Date: Tuesday, May 22nd 

Times: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Early Bird Tuition: $50.00 through Tue, May 15.
Regular Tuition: $60.00
Member Tuition: $30.00
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
Call to Register: 212-727-1014



Click Here to Register Online with a 5% Discount!

Earlybird Deadline May 20th

Feldenkrais for Dancers:
Fundamentals of Technique

with Anat Meiri


On the path to becoming a skilled dancer, one must develop a strong base of support in order to move freely in any direction, with balance, power, and ease. This Feldenkrais Method workshop designed especially for dancers, will focus on some of the most important anatomical and bio-mechanic fundamentals of dance technique that are not addressed in the typical dance class. We will explore and integrate some important functional relationships in movement, and you will feel the an immediate improvement in the accuracy, quality, freedom, and security of your movement. This workshop will combine Feldenkrais exercises, or 'lessons' with dancing, and participants will develop a clear, strong understanding of technique that can be applied to all dance movements and styles. 

You will learn:

  • The role of the 4th & 5th metatarsal joints in a truly supportive turnout and balance.
  • How your foot and hip can cooperate in bending your knees, safely.
  • How to direct the return force from the floor through your skeleton, so your muscles are more available for expressive gesture.
  • How to shift weight to give you the greatest potential for power and length.

The Fundamentals of Dance Technique will be taught by Anat Meiri, an experienced Feldenkrais Teacher and former contemporary dancer who mentors dancers at the Feldenkrais Institute of NY.


Date: Sunday, May 27th
Times: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Early Bird Tuition: $70.00 through Sun, May 20.
Regular Tuition: $80.00
Member Tuition: (rates listed above less 20%)
Location: The Feldenkrais Institute
134 W 26th St, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10001
(212) 727-1014