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Below is the past couple of weeks of news items that may not be appearing on the 6:00 news.

Christmas Special - The Mistletoe Drone
Still Smarting
Cellular Suckiness
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Towers Losing Power
Wireless Willies
Vegas Special


NSA Not Here to Stay?
Government Goonies
The Real "Citizens United"
Military Mis-Haps
"Sciement" - The Splicing of Science and Government
Science Schmience
Radiation Nation
Frick and Frack
Watering Down Life
Africa Urinates On Utility Modality
Food Fight
Toxic Soup
Animals, Who Needs 'Em?
Weathering Down the Planet
Poetic Justice
Senior Citizens
Miscellaneous Misgivings
Fighting Corporate Take Over
Please Stop Using
Amazing Creature
Just For Fun

Christmas Special - The Mistletoe Drone

"Drones have been causing all sorts of paranoia lately and I wanted to reframe them from being something scary and ominous to being fun and human,"
The Mistletoe Drone

Still Smarting

Green Mountain Electric Company is Trying to Charge Vermont Smart Meter Opt Out Customers a Fee To Opt Out Even Though It is Illegal to Do So...Lawsuit Brewing Over This.  Resident Justin Gamache Called the Senator from Vermont Who Passed the Only Free Opt Out Bill in the Country About This Issue and the Senator Called Him Back!!  Below is the Audio from This Call...
Cellular Suckiness

Is Denmark Covering Up A Doubling Of Brain Cancer in Men?
Now we just need something to show us what the world would look like if we could see what the signals were doing to our color.

Wonderful WIFI

Concern Student's Fatal Brain Tumor Linked to WIFI in the Class Room

MITs WiTrack Can See Through Walls

Success in Fight Against WIFI in Israeli School  Google Translate

WIFI Harmful to Health, NZ Gov. Urged to Listen

Starts at around 3:00 with WIFI Dangers Site Owner Conversation
WIFI Conversation with Attorney Shawn Abrell
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Hundreds Gather to Oppose Cell Towers

"Crimes Against Humanity" vid measuring cell tower radiation in an average neighborhood

Study Puts Glare Back on Cell Tower Risks

Wireless Willies

Extra Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Alter Cancer Cells Through Metabolic Restriction

USA Microwave Machine City Tour

Very informative vid
Dr. Katherine Albrecht on RF ID Tagging People

"The researchers also found that they could lower the incidence of cancerous cells by manipulating the electrical charge across cells' membranes."
  "The news here is that we've established a bioelectric basis for the early detection of cancer,"
Bioelectric signals Can Be Used to Detect Early Cancers

 Uh Oh...Police Get "Upgrade" for Radio System

Googles Future, Microphones in the Ceiling, Microchips In Your Head

"They want to smother the planet with Frequencies...They are using deceptive language and not telling the truth."  At around 9 minutes he shows color images of human hot spots.
Curtis Bennett, Government Consultant, Expert on Wireless Hazards Excellent Vid

To My Knowledge, Israel has Already Received their Smart Meter Roll Out.  I believe this Cancer Cluster in the Classroom has to do with the Radiation Emissions from the Smart Meters as Opposed to what the Report Says.
Israeli Cancer Cluster Classroom Near Electricity Cabinet       Google Translate

Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields Through Computer and TV Monitors

This is an older study but it landed on my computer this week so I thought I'd share it with you...
German Ford Motor Company, The Effects of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System

I did not look into where their funding is coming from, so don't know what their results will look like, but...
University Studies Association Between Parkinsons and EMF

DNA Scientist "Keep Kids Off Electromagnetic Waves

The Biometric scanning program was implemented without the parents permission or knowledge...
Parents Stop Biometric Hand Scanning Program at Public School

What is Ultra High Voltage DC? Vid

Vegas Special

You Are Being Monitored, Tracked and RF-ed to the Max when Frequenting Vegas Casinos...

Casino Chips Filled with RFID Chips
NORA Surveils Premises
Tracking Black JackRunning
Your Pic In Other Data Bases
Frequencies Picking Up On Frequencies
Software measures Speed of Roulette


NSA Not Here to Stay?
Great Vid...
Former US Marine - President Obama Should be Tried For Treason

I guess this issue has been around for quite a while.  Just now it's times a thousand with wireless...
Facebook and Google Are Buying Up the Cables that Carry the Internet

"they are building a system that will be used to monitor political demonstrations and identify individuals involved in protests"
The Real Purpose of Oakland's Surveillance Center - Not Cutting Down On Crime, But Tracking Political Protestors

Although I question the 1 in 4 activist statement, this is an interesting news report.
 RT News CIA Operatives Work for Corporations, 1 in 4 Activists in Major Activist Groups Are Spies

The REAL "Citiizens United"

Icelanders Overthrow Government and Re-Write Constitution - No Word From US Media

"The California Coastal Commission also rejected the Navy's five-year plan for exercises that would start in January off Southern California. However, the state agency does not have the power to block the drills, and the Navy has ignored the agency's requested protections in the past."
"Sciement" - The Splicing of Science and Government

Surprise, surprise...
Double Dipping - Univeristy Public Health Researcher Also Industry Shill

This vid is a few years old but very interesting and scary.  There are scientifically manufactured microbes and insects released as experiments.  Some think this may be what this is. 
Inner Body Bugs - A Silent Epidemic

Alex Jones, Info Wars Report on Attacking Vitamins with Hoax Study

Radiation Nation

Under the new law, government employees who leak secret information could face up to 10 years in prison; journalists who solicit such information could get 5-year sentences.

Half of Bottle Nose Dolphins Dead or Dying Due to BP Oil Spill

China Imposes First Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban

"A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird," Palmer said. "Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid - called imidacloprid - can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction."
Russia Suggests War May be Necessary to Stop Monsanto

An Early Indicator of What is to Come...
Food Supplies Drop in Lake Huron

As Food Labels Get a Closer Look, Ingredients Vanish

China Believes America is Trying to Weaken them with GM Food...(They're Right) Calling for a Ban

Avaaz Petition, Please Sign... 
Stop the Monsanto Frankenseed Factory

Stomach Churning CDC Report on Food Safety

"...a Canadian firm has created a new GMO apple, using a new "gene silencing" technique that could interfere with the expression of genes in humans, even silencing vital human genes, potentially causing serious health problems."
Stop Biotech's Kiss of Death Apple

Toxic Soup

Mafia Toxic Waste Dumping Poisons Italy's Farms

"But perhaps most importantly, pollution was improving Chinese minds, CCTV's journalist argued."

The REAL Cost of Cheap Meat, Horrifying Vid - Please Consider Going Vegetarian
In the Belly of the Beast

Weathering Down the Planet

Chemtrail/Geoengineering Professor Speaks Out Vid with Documentation from Air Firce on Weather

Modification as A Weapon

Chemtrails/Geoengineering at Its Finest

Billion Dollar Victory Handed to Lead Paint Plaintiffs in CA

Miscellaneous Misgivings

I did not have time to watch this whole film but I saw the beginning and looks very interesting 
Flouridegate - A Flouride Film

Africa's Vanishing Forests and Palm Oil

"But perhaps most importantly, pollution was improving Chinese minds, CCTV's journalist argued."
Smog Makes You Funnier and Smarter

Fighting Corporate Take Over

Great Vid
Why Shopping Local Matters

Please Stop Using

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Please Sign This Petition to Drop Charges Against Undercover Animal Welfare Investigator Exposing Animal Abuse

Please tell everyone you know to STOP USING has a new policy now of CHARGING YOU $ to promote your petition., Avaaz and many other free petitions do not charge to promote
 your unpaid citizen advocacy work.  Why support a company profiting at citizen advocacy volunteers expense? 

Amazing Creature  
From Prof. Olle Johansson
This incredible, beautiful, sweetheart is amazing, cute and hilarious.  However, RF radiation would surely threaten this magnificent creatures critical survival ability to face the North.
Fox Hunting - The Fox Hunting

Just For Fun

Special Thanks to Articles From: Environmental Health News, Microwave News, The Microwave Effect, Prof. Olle Johansson, Iris Atzmon, Deborah Taveris, Sue P, Steven Magee, Paul Doyon, Kathy King, Eric Windheim, Robert Reidlinger, Barb Payne, Judy Tweede, Laddie Lawdings,