Tonya Peeples has been appointed the Penn State College of Engineering's associate dean for equity and inclusion, effective August 15. "Building the reputation of the College as a place that is welcoming for a variety of folks from all walks of life who really want to pursue engineering and to use engineering to make the world a better place is of paramount importance to me," said Peeples. "The ability to have an impact at the faculty level and all the way through to students and aspiring students is what I most hope to achieve in this role." >>  
JULY 2018
Larson Transportation Institute brings big win to Penn State and Mid-Atlantic universities with USDOT grant award

Improving the durability and extending the life of transportation infrastructure will be the primary focus of a multi-university transportation research program led by Penn State, as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation's 2017 Region 3 University Transportation Centers Program. Penn State, through the Thomas D. Larson Transportation Institute, will lead the consortium otherwise known as the Mid-Atlantic Center for Integrated Asset Management for Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure Systems.  >>
Researchers develop new method to identify patients at risk for readmission, emergency room visits or death

Researchers from Penn State and Geisinger Health System teamed up to find a way to predict a patient's risk for needing further medical care three days after being discharged from the hospital. The model they developed is known as REDD, which stands for readmission, emergency department (ED) or death.  >>
Rapid charging of electric vehicles aided by $1 million from DoE

Revolutionizing the way electric vehicle batteries charge and spurring the technology as an environmental and economic growth driver will be possible thanks to a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to Penn State engineers.  >>
Targeting strategy may open door to better cancer drug delivery

Bioengineers may be able to use the unique mechanical properties of diseased cells, such as metastatic cancer cells, to help improve delivery of drug treatments to the targeted cells, according to a team of researchers at Penn State.  >>
Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting

A 10-fold increase in the ability to harvest mechanical and thermal energy over standard piezoelectric composites may be possible using a piezoelectric ceramic foam supported by a flexible polymer support, according to Penn State researchers.  >>  
  • Vijay Narayanan appointed to A. Robert Noll Chair in Engineering  >> 
  • Frecker named to ELATE National Leadership Program >> 
  • Penn State's Blue Sparrow team named Phase I winner of GoFly Prize >> 
  • Werner receives Outstanding Technical Achievement award from DOTC >>
  • Papakonstantinou selected as ASCE Outstanding Reviewer >>
  • Penn State honored for excellence at national industrial engineering conference >>
  • Baum earns Astronaut Scholarship >>
  • Liu receives Best Graduate Student Poster presentation award >>
  • M.D./Ph.D. student Scott Tucker honored at Pediatric Research Day >>
  • Lauren Donatelli named Joelle Award in Women in Engineering Leadership first-runner up >>
  • Penn State is Enhancing Health at 2018 industryXchange  >>  
  • Researchers are designing and testing new roofing material to stop leakage and produce energy in New Kensington >>
  • Narayanan and Sivasubramaniam to advance intelligent memories via $27M center >>
  • Mark Bodenschatz to help INTERPOL secure 2022 FIFA World Cup >> 
  • Engineering students worldwide learn new skills using Penn State's supercomputer >>
  • Boothby releases book on empirical structural design >> 
  • COSTARS members save big on utility costs thanks to electricity shopping event >>  
  • Penn State startup using technology to improve health care in developing nations >>
  • Industrial engineers co-author new book on service systems engineering >>
  • Future engineer certain to rock the world and transform lives >>
  • Mark Garlicki named new water systems engineer >>
  • Ribbon-cutting marks reopening of renovated Agricultural Engineering Building >>
  • Aryk Strunk named as new preservation trades specialist at PSFEI >>
JULY 11-15
2018 Arts Festival Alumni Weekend >>

Deadline to submit a College of Engineering Capstone Design project >>

51st annual Comprehensive Short Course in Rotary Wing Technology >>

Undergraduate and Graduate School Commencement Ceremony  >>

Fall semester classes begin  >>

Fall Engineering Networking Reception  >>

Fall Career Days  >>

College of Engineering Alumni Tailgate >>

AE Career Fair >>