Aloha Republicans:
Sorry, more REALLY BAD NEWS:  Party leaders are deliberately throwing the 2016 elections here in Hawaii.   Yes, you read that right.

At the Hawaii GOP leadership meeting two weekends ago, party leader Fritz Rohlfing made it clear that the state party is already "focused on 2018" -- at least that his newest excuse for allowing 2016 become a lost cause for Hawaii RepublicansFritz decided to throw this year's crop of brave Republican candidates to the wolves and expressed that the only GOP candidate with any chance this year 'might' be RINO and HART founder Charles "I gave a blank check for rail" Djou.  To drive home the point, Miriam Hellreich and Fritz Rohlfing want the Hawaii GOP to put all its eggs into the 'Djou for Mayor' basket.  [Much more about this meeting in our next newsletter.]

Let that sink in.  Every single day since the 2014 election has been squandered by Hellreich, Rohlfing and their lazy progressive loyalists.  That's right, after years of malfeasance and outright neglect by these RINO's and closet Democrats who control the Hawaii GOP, our party leaders now see the writing on the wall and are actively laying the foundation for "the post-November blame game".  [HINT:  They already know that 2016 is gonna be really bad for Republicans in Hawaii.]  Good news for them (bad for all of us):  It was their plan all along .

You see, top leaders like Fritz Rohlfing and Miriam Hellreich wasted so much time enjoying the perks of being party leaders (receptions, conventions, conferences, VIP events, selfies with celebrities, jet-setting), that they forgot to do the actual work expected and required of party leaders.  Forgot . . . or maybe they planned to lose?

Sound far-fetched?  Too shocking to believe?  Like a surgeon forgetting to wash his hands first?  Like a nonprofit spending all its money on overhead and salaries and perks instead of its actual mission?  Like athletes getting drunk the night before the big game?
Try this on for size .  Since 2014, party leaders have taken 'sitting on their hands' to new lows:  Running a Coordinated Campaign?  NO.  Organization building?  NO.  Messaging?  NO.  Powerful themes?  NO.  Canvassing?  NO.  Coalitions?  NO.  Voter Identification?  NO.  Issues Advocacy?  NO.  Community Service?  NO.  Voter registration?  NO.  Get-Out-The-Vote?  NO.  Candidate support?  NO.

How could the Hawaii GOP and its candidates possibly win in 2016 if RINO party leaders have been deliberately avoiding doing everything necessary to make the case to oust Democrats in favor of Republicans while deliberately avoiding doing everything necessary to organize the GOP operation from top to bottomTHIS IS A CLEAR-CUT CASE OF LOSING TO THE DEMOCRATS ON PURPOSE .

 C'mon now, the party can't seriously expect to win any elections when its leaders planned to do nothing for two years since the 2014 election!  If you don't bother putting gas in the car, you will run out before you get where you're going.  Every other state party and county party across the nation has been following a serious game plan to spread the GOP message and set the stage for GOP candidates since the last election.  Why not Hawaii?   Why not indeed?

Here are photos (months old) of the RNC promoting the kind of Republican 'message canvassing' and voter registration in 2016 by other state parties that the Hawaii GOP refuses to engage in . . . apparently since Hellreich's Democrat pals might be offended at Republicans actually trying to win.

Just read (or re-read) HIRA's last newsletter to appreciate the sordid details about the crucial campaign organizing which RINO party leaders decided against undertaking over the past two years to win.
So while Hellreich and her RINO puppets spent their entire terms in party office trying to prop up the power base of their power-hungry leader and longtime national committeewoman Miriam Hellreich -- by attacking conservatives, praising Democrats, endorsing RINO's, adopting a neutral platform, staying silent on issues, doing nothing to influence bills at the legislature or councils, spending lavishly on overhead -- they misdirected all the needed effort and funds and precious time away from actually trying to win.  Just ask any political candidate or campaign manager or mainland party leader and they will tell you:  FAILURE TO PLAN FOR VICTORY COMBINED WITH PROCRASTINATION DESTROYS ANY HOPE OF WINNING ELECTIONS.

Now, with Election Day coming quicker than the light at the end of the tunnel -- that's right, just three short weeks before the Primary Election and just three short months before the General Election -- Hellreich's stooges like the State GOP's Bob Hickling (Vice-Chair for Coordinated Campaigns) and Larie Manutai (Honolulu County GOP Chair) are suddenly very, very interested in creating the illusion that they actually read their job descriptions and our party's rules when they were sworn into office.  They gotta know that Hellreich and Rohlfing will blame them on Election Night when the returns start coming in from across the state.

In a desperate Hail Mary pass, GOP vice chair and Hellreich lackey Bob Hickling responded to HIRA's recent and very grave warning about 2016 . Days ago, with the party caught flat-footed, Hickling begged for help.  Absentee balloting has already begun.  The volunteer army should have already been in place -- already canvassing, already registering voters, already ID'ing likely GOP voters, and already following up with absentee voters.  But no, Hickling's e-mail was designed to help him deal with the guilt of being a do-nothing.  He's the kind of guy who forgets to invite people to a party until after the band has started playing and then wonders why the party was so poorly attended.

Suddenly realizing it was late July -- just 3 weeks before primary election + just 3 months before primary election -- procrastinator Hickling demonstrated how to run a severely uncoordinated campaign by waiting to the last minute to call for volunteers . . . and he did this nearly two years after he and Rohlfing and Hellreich decided to leave virtually all leadership positions unfilled across the state.

 Then, just yesterday morning, the Honolulu GOP's do-nothing county chair, Larie Manutai , channeled her inner 'Punxsutawney Phil' on Groundhog Day by poking her head up out of the snow.  After neglecting the county party organization for most of 2016, Rohlfing appointee Manutai demands "an accounting" from district level and precinct level party leaders beneath her in the food chain ("What's your plan??"  "Is that plan in place??"  "The Primary is just a few weeks away!!").  Knowing full well that the few people who fill these crucial positions are all Hellreich loyalists who were given these jobs as loyal placeholders to keep Hellreich in power and to do Hellreich's bidding, Manutai hilariously acts as if she expected these fellow do-nothings to have done any work during the preceding two years!!  Yes, Larie Manutai has an ego and she does not want any of the blame for 2016 to be dumped on her (or her boss at the State Capitol, Rep. Andria Tupola).

Finally, it sucks to bring you bad news.  But, yes,it's true:  The foundation for Hawaii's GOP 2016 blame game is already being laid. You don't need a "prophet" like Hellreich's own on-call Prophet Nathan Paikai to foresee just how badly 2016 will turn out for the Hawaii GOP.  Hellreich and Rohlfing merely need to start shifting blame a few months earlier than usual.  The bad news for 99% of us is that any serious political progress in the islands has been delayed for at least two more years, probably more, now that Hellreich is in office for another four long years.  That means taxes will keep getting higher, the quality of life will keep getting lower, and Democrats will be stronger than ever. The good news for Hellreich is that, knowing how braindead her followers are, they will gladly accept the blame from their 'Dear Leader' and promise to keep doing the same reliable job of throwing elections to the Democrats in 2018, 2020 and beyond.  Yup, the Democrats control our very own Hawaii Republican Party . . . and our party's leaders surrendered 2016 before a single ballot was counted.

HIRA thought you should know.
P.S.  Here's a really funny story (except that it's also a really tragic and depressing story).  One of the Hawaii delegates, Trump delegate Sandra Combs, just got back from a week in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention where she hung out with Trump Hawaii's chairman (and the delegation's chairman) The Prophet Nathan Paikai whose job it is to mount a successful Trump campaign here in Hawaii.  Again, Combs spent the entire week on a trip with Trump Hawaii leader Nathan Paikai (who, by the way, is a "prophet").  Upon returning, she e-mailed everyone on the delegate, alternate, and guest list.  Her question of fellow Trump campaign leaders:  "I met a woman at the rental car place in Honolulu.  She would like to help get Trump elected.  Who should I say to talk to?"  Let's rephrase her question:  "Hi, I just got back from one full week in Cleveland with the head of the Hawaii Trump campaign and other Hawaii Trump campaign leaders and I have no idea how the Hawaii Trump campaign is organized.  I don't even know who anybody interested in helping the Hawaii Trump campaign should contact.  Is the election this year or next year?"  Yes, Sandi is our party's brightest candidate running for office on Kauai.  Yes, our brightest.  Is it any wonder that she's one of Miriam Hellreich's hand-picked rising stars and puppets . . . or that our party is in such serious trouble?!?  That's okay, Civil Beat actually describes Ms. Combs as a "Democrat" candidate, so that sorta makes it okay.   Plus, with Trump way behind Clinton in Hawaii (his 25% to her 50%), there's no rush for Paikai or Combs to get it together.  Never mind that by this time in 1992, the Hawaii Bush/Quayle reelection headquarters was already operational.  Or by this time in 2008, the Hawaii McCain headquarters was already up and running.  No rush, since Hellreich's Prophet can already foresee how the election will turn out.  Just like the RINO party leaders at the Hawaii GOP who know just how badly Republicans will lose thanks to their incompetence and laziness.  Fellow Republicans, this is just the 6,000th sign of how badly party leaders are setting up the Hawaii GOP and its candidates to fail in 2016. If the members of Hawaii's GOP keep selecting RINOs and closet Democrats to lead our party, these are the sorry results we will keep getting.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Party members start choosing new party leaders in Hawaii during the first 2 weeks of February 2017. More info to follow.


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