December 2018
December 2018

Too Much Emotional Intensity?

For people who are healing from emotional wounds, abuse, trauma and tragedy there is a technique that can help you see the progress you are making. This method will reduce the despair that comes up when one realizes they have to work on old issues once again.

Now, try ranking how much the response to an old issue is bothering you. If you identify feeling “the holidays are making me sad again”. You might decide it feels like a 7 (on a 1-10 scale) then you can compare it to the years when it felt like a 10.

Ranking the intensity of your feelings gives you a mechanism to see progress. Usually after you have worked on something the intensity when it comes up again is less intense. It may bother you that it came up again, but at least it isn’t a 10.

After any energy healing technique one can revisit their emotional intensity scale. Usually people find that bringing up old issues and doing the next level of healing work, the intensity has dropped to a 2 or 3. They have gotten relief. More of the shock trauma, beliefs and programs from the time the person underwent abuse are now gone.

As I suggested before, when triggered again check the intensity it may have risen but usually won’t be as high as it was in the first place.

Use the scale to increase your overall perspective and proceed with your healer to get greater relief. You deserve it. Inner peace is possible.

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New Seminar : Live in Phoenix

Journey to Awakening
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Each week we’ll meet, discuss, process and meditate on:
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ThetaHealing® Seminar schedule :

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Preferably in person (includes a vegetarian lunch) or arranged through Zoom.

Even better: the four hours of healing followed by a guided labyrinth walk and follow up processing followed by a fabulous lunch at the English Rose Tea Room in Carefree AZ.    

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