SMD Inc. TDK EPCOS Newsletter

SMD Inc. TDK EPCOS Newsletter.

It's Pete Ainsworth from SMD Inc./KVA Distribution, an authorized distributor for TDK Corporation. Yes, the fellow with the baseball cap that you may have seen in your sales areas championing the EPCOS Brand of TDK.SMD Inc. focuses on Power Film and ALU Capacitors, providing products to customers primarily in the industrial arena. Our customers are active in
applications such as factory automation, LRV/ train traction/HVAC/APS systems, motor drive control, power quality, inverters/converters (i.e. DC Link apps), and renewable energy generation. Additionally, we specialize and inventory a comprehensive line-up of Power Factor Correction products (PFC) within the TDK EPCOS Brand. So...........................

Too much Noise? Silence the noise with the TDK EPCOS PQSine Series.
Harmonic noise pollution is a growing problem with the increasing use of
power electronics and non-linear loads (such as variable speed drives, UPS,
computers, servers, TV sets, etc.).

The presence of this noise pollution increases the current in power
networks. The circulation of harmonic currents through the system impedance
creates...............wait!!..too much information!

The bottom line; noise harmonics leads to increased energy costs,
overheating  and the malfunctioning of equipment. Equipment dies before it
has lived a full life!!

Enter the active harmonic filters and power optimizers of the PQSine series
from the TDK EPCOS Brand. They are installed in parallel to the polluting
loads. The active filter analyzes the line current for noise harmonics and
then inserts an equal but offsetting current. This action causes an almost
noiseless sinusoidal waveform. And along the way it also corrects the power
factor and actively balances loads.

The PQSine system is configurable to the customers' requirements. The
customer can choose the building blocks that are best for their budget and
needs. EPCOS offers a complete floor-mounted panel, a wall-mounted panel or
an active filter module. Also EPCOS offers a TFT Touch Screen in two sizes
(for human interface) and a sensor box that will handle 5 modules.

All this is cool, but where do I find customers you ask?

Customers buying PFCs already understand the value of power quality but they
have nothing in their tool kit to address "non-linear" issues. PFCs really
are best solving linear power quality problems. So check out any PFC users
in your area.

Drop by larger knowledgeable Electrical Contractors. Give them a pamphlet
downloaded from TDK Web site. Better yet order hard copies of the
pamphlet-it is order number EPC:26051-7600. SMD does have pricing.

A few other companies provide similar products to the PQSine, such as
Schaffner AHF and StacoSINE. This is leading edge product. Positioning the
TDK EPCOS PQSine as a strong player in the active harmonic filter and power
quality market is paramount.

When you get a bite-please call me or Dr. Rich Michelson.  

About KVA Distribution

KVA Distribution is a group within SMD Inc. formed to specifically provide components for the industrial electrical/electronic market whose products generate, control and utilize medium to large amounts of energy.

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