March 2017
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Our Healthy Living Revolution is in full swing! It's the best kind of revolution - one that encourages all of us to stand up for a healthy lifestyle, for ourselves and our families.

If you want to join the Revolution or find out about our Shred10 program, message me today! We have many tools to help support you on these programs, including a 100-page cookbook, a children's book, and private FB groups.
Too Much of a Good Thing...

... can be wonderful!
This month, try to get more of these 3 good things:
  1. Sleep. Research shows people who sleep at least seven hours per night weigh less, get sick less often, have lower blood pressure, remember better, and live longer than those who get less.
  2. Exercise. Did you know that walking briskly for just 25 minutes daily can add seven years to your life and slash your risk of dying from a heart attack in half?
  3. Whole foods. Those who eat lots of fruits and veggies have better heart health, a lower incidence of cancer, and sharper vision than those who eat little to none. (source: JP+ brochure)
Too Much of a Bad Thing

junk food
The opposite of #3, whole food, is junk food. Have you ever wondered why we seem to be so addicted to these brightly colored, sugar, salt and fat-laden "foods"? 

In this article, nutritionist Shereen Lehman, MS, provides some insight into this topic.  She defines  'junk foods' as the stuff you eat that has little to no nutritional value, usually combined with ingredients that are bad for you, or is high in calories when consumed in excess.

So that means candy, chips, cookies, cake, sugary soft drinks, greasy burgers, hot dogs, French fries, ice cream, and most things that served at fast food restaurants qualify as junk foods.  
Spring Break destination

If you're headed to Florida for spring break this year, stop by the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club for a delicious, fresh salad, with greens grown in their Tower Garden! Doesn't this photo just get you in the mood to eat a huge crunchy salad? 

Oh, if you're not going to Florida anytime soon, remember that you can always grow a Tower Garden on your own deck/patio and enjoy fresh produce all year round!

tower garden

Upcoming Events - Join Us!

March 18th: 10am - 11:30am
March 28th: 7pm - 8pm
salad party
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Weekly Inspiration & Education

inspiring healthy living

The Inspiring Healthy Living Series provides an opportunity to hear from a doctor or wellness professional twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays. You'll learn about how to take your health to the next level. On the second and fourth Thursdays you'll be able to learn about a mission-driven company that is truly inspiring healthy living around the world.
Recipe from the HLR cookbook

Curious what types of recipes are in the HLR cookbook? Try one of the 100 recipes today!

The Braised Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas with Lemon can be made as an entree or a side dish. It's perfect for a "meatless Monday" meal and it's freezer friendly... just in case you have leftovers!
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